Which Is the Real Crisis for America? [Video]

In recent weeks the political landscape of America has been imbued with talk of a “crisis” of one type or another. On the one hand, there is the crisis on the southern border, as President Trump and the sensible among the GOP claim.

On the other hand, there is the crisis of “climate change,” championed by the new extreme Left of the Democratic Congress. Which of these claims holds up under investigation of the facts?

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Don’t fear to fail

I know you have a plan; What is holding you back? The fear of failure, isn’t it? Wait a minute; How will that help you? It can instead make you fail; The fear of failure Can paralyze you; And cause your downfall; The fear of failure Will not help you in any way; Stop fearing…

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A strongly worded letter to vaulting ambition

Dear Vaulting ambition,You wield tremendous powerBut devilish power;You command power to break bounds In human mind and heart;Your desire to win at all cost,Does push you to extremes;Everything you are poised to sacrifice;And that makes you a dangerTo humanity and society;You have been the cause Of untold destruction both lifeAnd property;Look at the chaos everywhere;Instability;Violence;Lies…

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A few spontaneous thoughts

I am having a few spontaneous thoughts; Let me share them As they come; Honestly, I am satisfied With the progress of our work; I can’t keep this to myself, We are having the joy Of service; I wish I had discovered this path Earlier, but no regret; God chooses the best time; There is…

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SIWO Business Project Day 2

Today, we continue our business project. Do you recall where we were lastly? We were on SIWO Business Project Day 1. We are now on day 2. You are welcome!Let us get an expert to tell us how to start a drop shipping business.I hope you enjoy this post and that we are making progress…

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