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If you are in our community, you will enjoy our community support. No General, it is said, no matter how great, can fight and win a war alone. Do not try to go it all alone on the blogosphere. All over the world, people are grouping together to draw strength from one another and achieve their dreams.

What people can do working together, none of them can do alone. The vision of Success Inspirers’ World is to be a platform where all inspirers come together and not only make their voices heard but support one another and realize their dreams. If your blog is out to help people achieve their dreams or become better, this is where you belong.

We have one instrument working very well in this community:the Solidarity Bloggers’ Society. These are people who are participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge. If you are not yet in, please, join.

Another instrument of support in the Success Inspirers’ World is the Happy Birthday Club. Club members visit members on their birthday and wish them a happy birthday. That is a way to drive more traffic to their sites. It is really good.
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  6. Happy birthday Club.
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  9. Guest interview: Strong woman hard times failed to stop.

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A mightier power called God

It looks like no one ever does all
They like to do in this world,
Before the time-up bell rings for them;
It seems everyone always leaves
Some unfinished work behind;
Often, we get to the end of the road
Sooner than desired;
That is one mystery of God who calls
Everyone home at his chosen time;
Therefore, as we journey here on earth,
Let us bear in mind that we do not
Determine our destiny;
It is a power far mightier than us
called God who does so;
If He calls me now, I will leave a lot of
Unfinished work behind;
But that would be normal, anyway.

Daily prompts: unfinished

Poetic Dance-Electronica Song ‘A Whole World’ by Mirakali (audio & lyrics)

Listen to the poetic Dance-Electronica song ‘A Whole World’ by Mirakali

A Whole World

A whole world for your dreams.
A whole world for what you feel.
What will be your next step?
Leap of courage, greatness of life
moving between earth and heaven
like an angel of light
feeling eternity, feeling the power
of an immortal life living inside you.

Source of pure bliss near your kiss.
One step more and you reach infinity
with the touch of tenderness.
A luminous world came into your world
born for your joy, your terrestrial birth
here upon earth
growing from day to day into the light.

Your flame is bright, your fire warm,
your hope will live forever on.

A whole world has come
to move towards the brilliant dawn of ecstatic fire.
Delight of your soul describes the warmth,
feels at home where live the strong.
Nobody else knows it so well,
nobody else is there and can tell you:
A whole world is the bridge
to let you find your way back home.

A whole world beautiful and strong.
A world without shadows, she‘s pure light.
She will never hurt you, she is happiness indeed.
A world without jealousy and hate,
of wonderful joy she is made.
A whole world for your dreams.
A whole world for what you feel.

What will be your next step?
Leap of courage, greatness of life
moving like an angel of light.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


Find great songs and videos by Mirakali on the Michel Montecrossa Blog:


Music, videos, photos and art by Mirakali: http://www.Mirakali.net

Follow Mirakali Montecrossa on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mirakalimontecrossa/



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Fiercely Viking



My love for vikings comes from three principal sources. How to train your dragon, a lovely animated feature set in a fictional viking village named Berk. Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, a fun filled adventure novel and a great window into fascinating Norse mythology. Trashy viking romances, full of titillation and a large vocabulary of penis related words.

I figured correctly, that I was being exposed to highly romanticized versions of a historical culture. Struck by fierce curiosity, I dug around on the internet (think Wikipedia, source of sweet and at times inaccurate wonder). They say, “Do not meet your heroes”. I disagree. Real people are much more interesting.

For the uninitiated reader, vikings were a Scandinavian seafaring people known for their numerous, appropriately carnage filled raids into the rest of Europe from 8th to 11th century, before being assimilated unwillingly by organized religion and technological superiority. They were expert…

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US elections: No dilemma!

It looks like many Americans see the forthcoming presidential election as a dilemma. They think that none of the two main candidates is fully satisfactory.

Do you see it as a dilemma?

I don’t. To me the choice is clear. I really wonder why it should not be clear to anyone!

I see a wide gap between the two main contestants; and this will show on November 8. Whatever the case, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Daily prompt: dilemma

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Blessings, blessings….

I had written about my daughter in law’s dad who is a heart transplant patient. Over the past weekend, he was lingering at death’s door. My group of prayer warriors immediately started praying for his healing and the entire family.

He is doing better today….a True Miracle!!

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #29

Grace in Housekeeping

Reading a book while having our Elevenses or Brunch is a past-time many of us indulge in.  As grown ups it is a hobby that may have started in our childhood.  There are some children who do not like to read, whatever the reason is, it’s good to encourage them to read. Join them to spend time with them while they read the story books they brought from school and those at home helps.

Being truly involved is to read to them as well, just as they read to us.  I think it takes away the pressure they feel, from the lack of confidence they have or inability to be at the right reading level.  It’s amazing to see the development that they make from the little time we give.  Happy Elevenses/Brunch reading.

I am enjoying Grilled Sausages, New Potatoes, Sliced Carrots to be followed by Fruit and Pineapple Juice…

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 159

Hello friends!

You are welcome to day 159 of our challenge.

We continue to grow in numbers and the encouraging words from many of you are a great encouragement to us. The greatest encouragement, however, is your commitment to the challenge. Many of you visit all the blogs of the day. That is excellent and what is expected of people of honor that you all are.

Please, let us keep that up. If we all do what we should do, everybody will benefit and we’ll enjoy our challenge Many blessings to you.

Here are today’s bloggers of the day and their blogs:

1. faithmillie

2. rosevoc2

3. Celeste Sundragonlady Choi

4. plexius

5. Kim Knight_Author

1. Visit these sites.
2. Like a post on each site;
3. Make a comment.

We appeal to you to like this post as a goodwill gesture.
This challenge is reserved only for registered members.

Happy blogging!

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