Guest interview: A writer who shines through her poems.

Our guest today is a multi-talented lady who shines in many ways: as a writer, a blogger, a wife, mother and much more.However, what caught my attention in her was none of these. It’s her sweet heart. When you know her you do not want to let her go out of your life. The beauty of her heart is seen through her writings.My chat with her was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.
420825_391192144224553_1622115046_nRanjeeta Nath Ghai, it is a joy to have you as guest on Success Inspirers’ World. If I go by what I have read about you, you have written a book which is being highly profiled. What is the title of your book and what is it about?

Thank you for inviting me! Yes, I have written a book, or rather my first book…”Mann Ki Aarzoo”. Since I am an Indian I decided to keep a very Indianised title for my book. Mann means mood/mind and Aarzoo means a wish or a desire in Hindi language. So basically you can sum it up as desires of a hungry soul… It’s an amalgamation of sentiments and emotions we go through in our daily lives like achievements and disappointments, success and failure, love and infatuation, introspection and retrospection etc. Continue reading

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Guest interview: A distinguished woman who is making a strong impact in her country and beyond.

My distinguished guest today is Ina Vukic. Prof.. Ina Vukic comes through as a powerful woman who knows where she is going and is determined to get there. Ina has written books, handled many important positions of responsibility, and received awards at a very high level for her work. In short, she has made and is making her impact felt. I met her on the blogging arena where she blogs about Croatia, the War and the Future. The force of her argument and the positions she takes on issues concerning her home country caught my attention and I started following her. Continue reading

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What November taught me.

Happy new month.



Hey guys, it’s already the 4th of December and I really forgot I had to do a November review. I really didn’t want to do it, talk less of thinking about it because the way the month ended literally broke me and so I went off. But I just realized I had to keep going and not lose my good habits. So here is what November taught me:

1) Start with the small before u get to the big.

Responsibilities. We all want the big responsibilities so we get to prove our worth, our capabilities to handle life and the big decisions but we tend to neglect the little ones a lot. I have this thing with gadgets; I’m so careless with them and I tend to mishandle them so terribly and my attitude towards it is so nonchalant. They are gadgets, I could always replace them right? it means…

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Christmas will soon come;
Christmas is at the corner;
Christmas is not far away;
Christmas is already near.
Christmas is highly awaited;
Christmas brings joy;

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Song ‘Liebesbefreiung – Loveliberation #2’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Liebesbefreiung – Loveliberation #2

Download here this and many other great songs from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Schmusen & Lachen – Huggin’ & Kissin’ Concert’

Schmusen & Lachen - Huggin' & Kissin' Concert


Liebesbefreiung – Loveliberation #2

Liebesbefreiung gebe ich dir.
Loveliberation I give to you.

Der Augenblick, der nicht vergeht.
The moment that will never fade.

Der Augenblick, den die Ewigkeit sieht.
The moment that eternity sees.

Liebesbefreiung gebe ich dir.
Loveliberation I give to you.

Den Kuss gibst du mir, der von innen berührt.
The kiss you give that touches from within.

Der Kuss der wahren Liebe, in der du mich erkennst.
The kiss of true love that reveals myself to you.

Liebesbefreiung gibst du mir.
Loveliberation you give to me.

Stück für Stück machst du mich nackt.
Piece by piece you make me naked

Und nackt bin ich ganz in dir befreit.
and naked I am completely liberated in you.

Kuss für Kuss berühr ich dich sanft und warm
Kiss by kiss I touch you sweet and warm

und sanft zeigst du deine Liebesbefreiung.
and sweet you show your loveliberation.

Zeit und Raum geben sich ganz.
Time and space give themselves fully.

Wir können die Umarmung unendlich erleben.
We can live the embrace that’s infinite.

Liebesbefreiung liebt dich und mich.
Loveliberation loves you and me.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog:

Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few at the 'Schmusen & Lachen - Huggin' & Kissin' Concert, 4

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Painting ‘New City’

Painting titled ‘New City’ by Michel Montecrossa

Description ‘New City’, Mirapuri, 2013, acryl on canvas, 20,5×20,5cm

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

To stay updated follow the Michel Montecrossa Blog:

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings are available as High Resolution Digital Art Prints on canvas, either in standard-size A1 (59,4 cm x 84,1 cm) for 1000 €uro each plus shipping or on demand in other formats. See here previews of all paintings & drawings:

Send your order to: Filmaur Multimedia, Danziger Str. 1, 82131 Gauting near Munich, t: +49 (0)89-8508555,

To know more about and plan your visit to Michel Montecrossa’s ongoing ‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition (Mirapuri New Art Gallery, Italy) and the ‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition at the New Art Gallery in Germany (Filmaur Multimedia House, Gauting near Munich) please visit these links:

‘The Energy Of Art’ Exhibition: click here

‘Deep Brain Art’ Exhibition: click here

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

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Thank you for reading my newest post about Bob Dylan’s song, Blowin’ in the Wind. Several years ago, this iconic song was made into a children’s book that includes a CD of Dylan’s original recording. The book and song also seem currently appropriate for grownups. Visit my blog when you have a chance!


December 3, 2016

Super Engaging Book #10!


Blowin’ in the Wind is a mesmerizing picture book for all generations…for all ages…for children…for grownups. Bob Dylan’s message of hope amid discord still resonates today. Perhaps the words to the song resonate even more  strongly today. Dylan’s word are beautifully illustrated by John J. Muth, a Caldecott honored artist. A CD of Dylan’s original 1963 recording of Blowin’ in the Wind is included with the book.

I happened upon the book in Barnes & Noble about five years ago. In 1963, my older brother liked folk music and played this song over and over on his “record player”. He played the song so much that I soon had it memorized, although I was too young to truly understand the deep meaning of the haunting lyrics.

As time went on, I realized that Blowin’ in the Wind was known as an anthem for the civil rights movement. There were protests and not all were peaceful. The lyrics to the song also reflect the serious questions that we still have regarding war, peace, justice for all, personal freedom, and freedom of speech.


How many times must a man look up

Before he can see the sky?

How many ears must one man have

Before he can hear people cry?


The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Notes about Blowin’ in the Wind from Greil Marcus, Music Historian and Author of Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n Roll Music…

“Blowin’ in the Wind asks questions. When there is trouble in the world, in our own towns, in our own families, why can’t we admit that something is wrong, and try to do something about it? Why are some citizens treated unfairly? Why do some think they are better than  others? Why do we fight each other?…

The United States is a very different place today. It is not perfect. It still does not keep all of its promises. But because many men and women worked hard to answer the kinds of questions Bob Dylan asked in his song, our country is far more free than it was when Blowin’ in the Wind was written…

So today, whenever people feel that they are not free…  Whenever they feel they are being treated unfairly…  Whenever they know others only see what they look like, and not who they really are…

Whenever their lives are hurt or even destroyed by war or poverty…They can listen to Blowin’ in the Wind. They can say: Yes. I am in that song. That song is about me, too.”


Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016. It was stated that the prize motivation was…

“for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.




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Two Families. One Thanksgiving.

Written by Patricia Davis,

About 56 years ago (maybe more!)…two families became friends. One family lived in the city. One family lived in the country. The city people started visiting the country. They loved the farm where the country family lived. They loved the tall pine trees, the hilly pastures, the winding trails through the woods. They loved the horses and the cows. They loved the friendly people, the smaller towns, the quiet beauty and vigor of East Texas.



Thanksgiving at the farm in 2015.

 So the city family moved from the city to one of the small towns near the farm. The city family had four children and the country family had one child. All of the children truly became close friends. The only child of the country people felt like he had four brothers and sisters. Of course, all of the original children are grown now and their children are grown. There are now many happy grandchildren.


Four Wheelers!

The original parents in the city family and the original parents in the country family are no longer with them in person. However, their spirit and love lives on and on through the wonderful tradition of their Thanksgiving Celebration…a Thanksgiving that has been shared for those 56 (or maybe more!) years. Thanksgiving is always held at the farm that everyone loved so much in the very beginning of the friendship.


One of the barns.

My husband happens to be the lucky only child who felt like he was part of a very big family. The farm happens to be our farm that I have written about in many of my posts. Our children grew up with cousins who are not really, truly cousins…but cousins that are just as close as real cousins. And friends that are the forever kind of friends.


Better steer clear if I am driving a four wheeler!

Last Thursday, our families spent another Thanksgiving together. There were 49 of us gathered for the annual celebration. During the years, we have added other friends and relatives to the group. My nephews and niece have spent many Thanksgivings at the farm. They now all have families who also share in our Thanksgiving tradition. Our friends from across the road (ironically originally from the city) celebrate with us. We have added a brother and sister-in-law to our group. My husband’s cousin joined us this year. We usually have someone new each year. We love for new people to celebrate with us.


Our grand-dog spent his first Thanksgiving at the farm.

The first Thanksgiving that I spent at the farm was just a month after I met my future husband. I had been told that it would be a large group, but I was still so very surprised! There were people everywhere…so fun, so friendly! I was asked almost immediately if they should start “polishing the silver” for a future wedding celebration. Like I said, I met him just a month before Thanksgiving! What could I say? I kind of had a feeling that it would work out, so I said “yes”. Almost two years later, they did indeed “polish silver” for a bridal shower for me…just as they did for our daughter when she married two years ago.


Train ride at the farm!

 Those Thanksgivings so many years ago were the start of something so incredibly special in our lives. We spend all day together…lunch and dinner…dessert all afternoon. Football…four wheelers…walking through the woods. Talking…laughing…remembering…holding a new baby just born in August.

This is what friendship is all about!

This is what family is all about!


A Construction Worker

Originally posted on atrangizindagieksafar


Keeping away his jackhammer and
Thirsty; sweaty and dirty,
The taciturn worker;
Remains ruminating;
About his existence of the world.


Late night footsteps
Across the street,
Rusting components;
Crane necks girders and,
Steel bones in moonlight, remind him
Of project shelved, fenced off and unfinished.


Tight lipped and staring,
He wonders about the world around him.
While shrugging off the cold,
He puts his shirt back on,
And the echoes of his daydreams
Touch a humming static on his skin.


As he watches the people distantly,
He wonders at his fate;
His forever war with the wages offered,
Unfulfilled dreams and the blatant apathy of the contractor.
Why was he put here?
To follow in the footsteps of the construction worker..!


© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,  atrangizindagieksafar, 2016.

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I am delighted to inform that my book has won 4th place in October 2016 Book contest among other books published with NotionPress.

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image courtesy google and charcoal paintings by atrangizindagieksafar

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