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Hello. My blog is all about relationships and helping people understand what goes on through heartbreaks, break ups, when I love…


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qsense of direction

If you lack a sense of direction,
You are heading for destruction;
Know what you want to do;
Or where you want to go;
Do not move about blindly;
And always treat people kindly.
Knowledge of your destination,
Gives you a sense of direction.


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Quote on danger and prudence

“A wise person does not see dangerr and plunge into it to be hailed as a hero. He exercises prudence. Prudence is an attribute of the wise.” Romilia Quotes.

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Feed me with love

Feed me with love
If love is all the food
You have,
Let me have it.
My heart yearns for it;
I am ready to take
As much as I can.
Give, that I may take.


Daily growth in blogging: 5 little tips

A good thing about blogging is you grow almost on a daily basis if you are serious. I find myself doing this, learning new skills, growing in vocabulary, making new friends and getting more readers, page-views, likes, and comments especially on WordPress.

1. Don’t give up
The thing with blogging is when you start it may be difficult but you don’t give up.
2. Don’t be discouraged
Do not look at the way other bloggers are shinning through their blogs and feel discouraged because you are way down. There is a time for everything.

If you keep on going despite the difficulties you face, and continue to learn to improve your blogging skills, you will eventually find happy days.

3. Learn
Learning is crucial. You can’t make it if you don’t learn. Those who make it big spend enormous amounts of time learning, consulting the right people, asking questions.

4. Seek help
You cannot do it alone. Get other bloggers interested in what you are doing. The easiest way to do this is to get interested in their work. Follow others to follow you. Read, like and comment on others’ posts. They will return the gesture, which will mean growth for you.

5. Work hard
Nothing worthwhile, we are told, comes easily. This is right. Work hard; very hard. Success will come.

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‘From Love To Love’ – 2 instrumentals by Michel Montecrossa

Joy And Love Will Change The World

Two instrumentals by Michel Montecrossa, taken from his New Year Meditation Music 2017 with the title ‘Joy And Love Will Change The World Symphony’; read about this album here. More symphonic and orchestral music by michel Montecrossa you find here:

From Love To Love, 1st Movement

From Love To Love, 3rd Movement

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Connect with Michel Montecrossa on facebook: www.facebook.com/michel.montecrossa

Image above: Cover of Michel Montecrossa album ‘Joy And Love Will Change The World Symphony’

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Our shoulders are strong

Thanks for letting me lean on you;
I am great because of you;
Your shoulder is stronger;
And has supported my weight.
“Thank you” is not enough;
But that’s all I have.
You are sweet at heart;
Keep being sweet!
We’ve journeyed this far,
Let’s keep going;
What God has put together,
Let no one put asunder.
Our shoulders are strong;
Let’s maintain mutual supoort.

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Have I left a comment on your blog today?

I really want to be nice to you as you or others are nice to me. 

I appreciate when another blogger visits me and likes my work; more especially when they comment.  I do like to do same to all my sweet friends here, but many times I just miss it.

Please, I am asking for your help. If I haven’t left a comment on your site today or for a while, just let me know. Tell me  in the comments box you like to hear from me or you are waiting for my comment today.

Help me to be a good friend. Both of us will grow. There is wisdom in sticking to some one who is nice to you; and you are so nice to me. 

I love you.

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