Who Am I One More Time But! This Time? This 2017 Year? How It Concerns You Big Time!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, January 20, 2017 at 2:15 am

Well, I slept for quite a few hours yesterday. Benn awake since midnight. Been checking emails, comments, replies and all. Now You bring me to record the next post. My life in Your Presence, O my Father—O Father of mine? It’s a wonder! Never know what to do next but! I always do the right thing to do always. Even when it seems I have done wrong, it turns out to be right. So, what am I to post today? Who am I again? Very well, I will pull the files now.

Who Am I? A New Look At Myself For You, My Friend. Who Am I To You & For You.

I Am Not The Rainmaker But? I Carry The Rainmaker Within My Being To Make Rain On The Just & The Unjust.

Thia’s Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Friday, June 10, 2016 at 7:13 pm

Who am I? A new look at myself for you, my friend. Who am I to you & for you.

First of all? I am not the Rainmaker but? I carry the Rainmaker within my being to make rain on the just & the unjust …WOW! What kind of nonsense is yours truly bragging about now? Ha! Read on? This is a good one!

Every single day? Once or twice my inbox is filled with quite a bit of the best of the best information on how to write, format, publish, market and …? Make one’s mark in the best sellers mart.

Me? Read. Pause. Reflect. Where is this one or that one coming from? Father is leading all the way. Father? O my Father, which way am I to go? Wait. Wait. Pause. Reflect to be perfect. So? Back to go. Read. Pause. Reflect. Wait.

Ah! My Father? How long this waiting must go on? Wait. Pause. Reflect and? In that respect? Look to be direct. Look to be direct? In what respect, O my Father, in what respect? Please show me where is it that my look I must direct?

The Rainmaker. To the Rainmaker your look you must direct.  Burst into torrents of rain over the entire globe in mode plain to cover the just as well as the unjust!

Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 4:39 am

Those were the thoughts You gave me yesterday. Today? Another day. Another thought. Would it be related somewhat at that? It is somewhat.

Today? The Harvest. The Rainmaker. The Functional. The Dysfunctional. The Globe. The World. Success. Revelry? In the whole? The whole world is marching at the tune of success. From the sky? Up above the clouds so high I hear Your loving voice resounding.

Pause. Reflect. Look around. Do you hear that sound? Hear, thiaBasilia, hear My voice resound. “In the midst of your success, success jolly revelry, O world at large O world! Pause. Reflect. Make haste to collect the rain from the Rainmaker to all directed that have paused & reflected!”

Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 10:44 am

Out there. Alone. Lost. No phone. No money. Not able to speak the language of the people. Where did my people go? Why did they left me behind? The street in front or is it a road? Whatever. The path ahead is desolate yet? I must walk. Walk. Walk ahead. Where are You leading me my Father?

I woke up from that dream not too long ago. I got directions in my inbox in a path that could mean my future to survive the days to come. You led me my Father to call Ahmad. Ahmad is not willing to cooperate with me. What am I to make of all this matter, my Father? I wait on You. That’s the only thing I must do.

Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 11:40 am

It’s the 7th Day of Rest. I feel so desolate my Father. So alone I feel. And? So discouraged with my own self. Why is this recurring dream popping up when I least expect it? Why am I so alone? Why am I left behind? Why no one cares? Why to find me there is no hand?

And Father? Why this thing of goal setting always comes to haunt me? My goal—my aim is set on You and You alone. So? What is Your goal for me? What do You want me to do my Father? How can I determine what is it that You want me to do? I cannot any longer depend on my senses. Even my senses are betraying me. My thoughts. My feelings. My senses. All are unreliable. Likewise, the thoughts, feelings and senses from other sources.

You have set Ahmad over me. I have no doubt that such is Your doing. Even so? Ahmad does not seem to be in any condition to take care of me. What am I to do, my Father? I am weary of waiting. But You know it all. I know that in due time this moment of distress shall be no more! No matter what? I wait on You on our behalf to act.

Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Pause. Reflect. I have chosen to follow Yahushua. It’s a lonely road, yet? No regrets. Wherever You lead me I shall follow. No one by my side? They have all left me? No regrets. I will follow You wherever You lead me. Be it to my death. Be it to the pinnacle of a resurrected life as the head not the tail. Wherever You will lead. For wherever You will lead? You will do through me whatever it entails. Such is my hope and? Hope is the evidence of things not yet seen. It never fails.

Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 7:54 pm

So, my Friend? Let’s get back to the beginning of this post. Who am I? A new look at myself for you, my friend. Who am I to you & for you.

I am a follower of Yahushua the Messiah—the One sent by Almighty Yahuwah Father/Creator of the whole Universe and of our beings. I am His messenger to you & for you. His messenger?

Ah! My friend, let me tell you something amusing. How I came into the knowledge of bearing such a label as that of a messenger.

In a few days I shall hit the 77th year mark since my birthday. I have already related this matter before but because my birthday is coming again? I find appropriate to refresh this matter to you, my friend.

I was in South Africa. It was the eve of my 70th birthday. I was to leave S.A. in route to the Land of Jerusalem. I was reading in Jeremiah 29,

For thus says the Master, When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you and keep My good promise to you, causing you to return to this place.

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Master, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.  (Jeremiah 29:10,11)

Hum? Again I questioned, “Who am I?” For an answer? I was led to read in the book of Revelations or the Apocalyptic,

Write therefore the things you see, what they are [and signify] and what is to take place hereafter.

As to the hidden meaning (the mystery) of the seven stars which you saw on My right hand and the seven lampstands of gold: the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven assemblies (churches) and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.  (Revelation 1:20)

I reread, ‘the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven assemblies (churches)’. I thought, ‘angels (messengers)’? Ha! I AM AN ANGEL! I concluded as I roared in laughter of such a thought because of my warped concept of that word!

But truly? In all honesty? Father sent me to these regions of the world as a messenger to His children amidst this jungle of the Middle East.

Even so? To qualify me to deliver His message? He made this region of the world into the wilderness of people for me. Why?

To enter judgment with me and contend with me face to face to prepare or qualify me to deliver His message and?

For the looks of it? It seems to me that Father is satisfied. The lesson is indelible written in my newly created heart and in the mind of Yahushua within that heart of mine.

Now? The answer to “Who am I?” is clear in my mind. I am a messenger delivering His message not only in this region of the world but also to all of His children scattered in the four corners of the earth. Oh? How can this be? Easy. Through the waves of the Internet?

The blogs created by yours truly carrying such message? Swiftly. Effectively. Victoriously the Message travels through the waves of the Net! Destination? The Heart & Mind of each one of you! Such is my hope? A sure thing accordingly to Romans 8.

Here is more to this post. Bear with me.

What or who am I?

It’s not that a kick? Like my Honey used to said. Here I am, dressed in this most peculiar garb, looking like I don’t know or what. Giving out whatever I got to little Shem or to whomever just comes within hearing distance, and! I don’t even know myself what or who I am!

Sometimes Father tells me that I am a fisherman, other times He tells me that I am a hunter, other times that I am His Scribe…then, as I wrote the message of HE WHO HAS EARS LET HIM HEAR! I read the last verse in Revelation chapter 1.

Revelation 1:20

As to the hidden meaning (the mystery) of the seven stars which you saw on My right hand and the seven lampstands of gold: the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven assemblies (churches) and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

I reread, ‘The secret of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are messengers of the seven assemblies, and the seven lampstands which you saw are seven assemblies? Ha! I remembered my poem, “I am a Star, to shine Father Yah’s Love”.

Well, most translations do not translate the starts as messengers. Most translate ‘angels’ instead. Of course, everybody has the most outlandish concept about ‘angels’ and what they are. Now, in the Scriptures latest version it does not say ‘angels’ it says, messengers but! Not many even know such version exists.

Now, Father has been telling me that I am giving out His message with my testimony. So, as I read the Scripture? My poem came to mind. I thought to myself, I guess I am a ‘messenger’—an ‘angel’. Hahaha! Can you imagine that? Thia, the ‘angel? That’s a kick and a half!

But, seriously, what or who am I? I have been asking that question for more years than I can remember. I even wrote my first book with that title. And, through the years, my Father has been most elusive with His answer every time I ask. So, I am going to quit asking such a silly question. I am going on to write about more worthy matters. I am, simply, my Father Yahuwah’s beloved child, and! That’s the best response that anyone can ever get.

The story behind that poem:

Beginning on that morning in the 20th day of the month of June of 1985, my Father in the heavens had made me aware of everything—those things that reflected my life, up to that point. It was now the end of the month of September of 1985. A desire, and longing for a close walk with my Father in the heavens became a flint to light a fire in my soul. I wanted nothing else but to know HIM. With a zeal I had not known before, I sought my Father in the heavens, but! Nightmares and vision-dreams haunted me.

The nightmares and the vision-dreams were driving me up the wall. I knew something was wrong and there was, but, that’s another story, too long to include in this writing. In addition, lots of things were happening in my office and I was helpless—no experience, I was a newbie. That afternoon, I was alone, sitting at my desk without anything to do but to answer the phone. Since I was not busy I decided to write. I picked up my pencil. I wrote in a piece of paper the poem my Father in the heavens inspired me to write,

I Am A Star To Shine Father Yah’s Love

When I was a little girl, out of the clear blue sky I used to tell my grandmother that I was going to be a movie star.

That idea had to come out of the clear blue sky because there were not around any TV sets or movie houses or such, in fact, we didn’t even have electricity in that beautiful hole in Guatemala C.A. where I was born.

It must have been Father Yah telling me even then, that I was to be a Star.

Father Yah had always been one step ahead of me and I thought I was never going to catch up with Him.

Then one day he took me by the hand and gently tugged me so that I would catch up to His step.

But, I, because of circumstances could not catch up with His step. So, he pulled me by the hand for it was necessary that I would catch up with Him, but, I, thinking that he was angry stumbled and fell.

So, He picked me up in His arms and carried me. Because I was angry and hurt I never noticed that he had carried me, before he placed me down to see if I could walk.

But no, I could not walk, I couldn’t walk at all. So, He took me back in His arms and lovingly carried me.

And the mountains were high, and the valleys were deep; the seasons came and the seasons went, and with the seasons along came bad weather, good weather, sunny days, cloudy skies, and the storms of rain and sleet, and ice and snow, and the flood came, and along came death to my body.

Then Father Yah put my drowned body on the cross with his Son, under the flood of the Blood and my spirit he placed in the wings of the Holy Spirit.

So, out of the flood of the Blood my body came alive and in the wings of the Holy Spirit my spirit soared.

So, in the wings of the Holy Spirit my spirit soared far, far beyond the sky, and in the firmament my spirit shone with Father Yah’s love like a shiny star.

So Father Yah did make me a Star, far greater than a movie star; a Star to shine His glory, a Star to display His beam of love.

I am a Star, I am a Star, praise be to Father Yah, I am a Star to shine His love!”

Thanks for your visit. His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

His Promises To Me? In Progress. What Is There For Thee? Oof! A Huge Bunch! More Than A Mere Hunch! Behold! His Power Of Love From On High Descending Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 6:23 pm

Hum! I fell asleep in front of the screen! Slept until nearly one hour ago. As if you are so interested in this exuberant life of mine! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Now what? Got to go fix me some eats and drinks—I am hungry & thirsty! Wanted to record something before the end of this day. It’s now 11:40 pm. Let’s see how long it takes me to take care of these so ever mundane chores!

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 1:39 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? You are most certainly leading me all the way. Yesterday? I thought to be a waste of my time. Today? It’s only the first couple of hours and! Boom! Bang! I already found what I was looking for in vain all day yesterday! No doubt about it, You plan my days be the minute of each hour by hour. No need to worry about my forgets. It’s all in Father’s plan for me. Let me quote to you the first words from the Father’s repertoire for me. Those words say much not just for me, but! For also for thee.

First Words my Father spoke to me in 1985.

O my Master—my Beloved Yahuwah/Yahushua You spoke to my heart on the morning of August 8, 1985. You said to me at that moment:

“I have been shaping you into a vessel, a beautiful vessel to hold flowers, beautiful flowers of love. These flowers are not yours, they belong to Me. I give them to whom I please: you are only holding them as they sit in the water of My love with which I have filled you.

“You cannot give out these flowers on your own, because you are only a vessel holding them; but I will send you those to whom I have given the flowers you are holding; some will pick just the flowers from you, and some will pick you up, and use you to bring good news and cheer to others.  Rest in Me and hold My flowers.

“Do not put your own flowers in that vessel of yourself; because they are the flowers that wilt and don’t last; but the flowers that I am letting you hold will last forever.”

And what kind of flowers are those Father?  I asked. And You said to me:

“You are only the vessel to hold these flowers and you need not to know what kind of flowers they are, again I say, rest on Father and just know that you are holding MY flowers not your flowers.”

Then You spoke to me a second Word to answer my dilemma at that time. I asked, “Father? Are You trying to tell me to quit looking at what I do and what I say and just to rely on You that what I am saying comes from You and what I am is what You are working with and that You are in control and to quit doubting everything because it doesn’t fit exactly with what I think and what I reason to be Okay, Father? And You answered me,

“I am not trying to tell you. I am telling you. I am telling you just that. You look, you wobble, you go back and forth like a seesaw because you are taking your eyes off ME.

“Even in your typing that is what is happening to you, you take your eyes off the master copy to look at what you are copying. You are being self-conscious.

Fix your eyes on Me, I am your Master, I am in control, relax, I have taken your yoke and done away with it, now take My yoke, for My yoke is easy.”

Father, help me! I pleaded. And with Your infinite patience You told me,

“I am helping you, I am talking to you plainly, and you know I have touched you and made you whole. Quit trying to perfect My work. Relax and do your work and know that you are doing well.

“Whenever you remember something you have forgotten, realize that I reminded you of it, and that I allow you to forget about certain things for My own reasons, even if you don’t understand My reasons.

“You are not to know everything now because you can’t take it, it will blow your mind.

“Picture yourself as a vessel, but in your human nature you have a narrow mind, the body of your mind is tremendous, but your mind is narrow at the entrance, there is only so much that can go in at one time, that is why I have to pour slowly and gently in order to fill you, and that is why I have to shape you to enlarge your opening so I can fill you.

“Relax about your writing. You will write and you will get published and I will use your writings. That is why I gave you the gift of writing, for you to used it for My esteem and honor. It is not for you to use your gift for your own purposes and gains.

“I’ll do the work, as a matter of fact I have already done it. So don’t worry about anything.

“Take everything in this day and know that My name will be esteemed because you have obeyed and trusted Me and placed Me in the center of your being. Therefore, every little flaw in you has been taken care of.  You are a finished work because I am finished—I finished My work when Yahushua suffered for you at the stake!”

Dear readers, those words are a fact in my life just as much of a fact as the air that I am breathing. Do you see now the cause of my doings? No, I am not forgetful—at the right time I remember all things temporarily escaping my mind. I am not careless—I am very careful to mind my Father. He reminds me on the spot whatever I forgot! Disorganized? If anything, so organized I am that disorganization never cross my mind. All things must be in place in front of my face.

Well, what now? Where am I going with these extraordinary confessions? Ah! Now I remember! I am to confess to you what has been coming to my mind in the last day or so. I continuously pause to reflect on my Father’s words & promises to me. Of course, I wonder. When and how is it all to happen? I must go back to sleep. When I wake up, I will record whatever Father needs me to record for my answer.

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 5:57 am.

Well, I have an answer. Again? There is that sneaky feeling of failure. I recognize that feeling. I remember my Father’s words, “No, no, thiaBasilia! You are not interested in my Name. you are only thinking of your shame!” Hahaha! I got it my Father! And Father roars in laughter. Know what? Sometime yesterday, I remember that interchange with my Father. I said,

“So what if I fail? So what if I proclaim such answer to my readers in vain? What about if they take me for a ding-bat with grandiose ideas at that? So what? I have failed before and I didn’t die of shame! O well I nearly did die but! I did not, that’s the fact to be exact!“

In the other hand? There is no doubt in my mind this is the answer in my Father’s plan. Behold! His Power Of Love From On High Descending Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails! So, let’s get on with the answer.

Following my own inclinations, I have asked for donations to no avail. In 2005 I published my autobiography—a total flop. I published 2 books last year including Overcoming Supernaturally. Hoopie! I sold the amazing number of 4 books earning me the staggering sum of $1.40 (One dollar and forty cents!) Am I daunted at all? Nay! There is a power within me to believe my Father without any reservations at all. It got nothing to do with positive thinking or any human thinking whatsoever. It’s a strange knowing like I have not known before.

Will I ever get to that answer? Hey! I am writing a sales letter. Guess by reading all those ‘sales letters’ from AWAI and the great nutrition vigilantes I am getting to know the craft of persuasion. They have surely persuaded and keep on persuading me. If it was not for dear Joyce in control of my limited income? Hum! They have hooked me for all I am worth! Still, the minute I get me some nickels? I will gladly oblige to support them 100%–they are worth it!

Alright! The truth? I am not too good at the math, but! It keeps coming to my head, somebody will buy 100 or more hard copies of Overcoming Supernaturally. For what purposes? To gift to the family members, friends & associates. Hey! What a great idea! Overcoming Supernaturally is a unique story with all the elements to engage the reader not only for entertainment but mainly for encouragement to the multitude of souls in the valley of decision because of a cloudy past of insanity.

Insanity, both mental & physically is the cancer spread over human kind. No matter who one is, whether rich or poor, of low or high class, King or pauper, we are all affected by the insanity of this world. Insanity? Only to be conquered by the Power Of Love From On High Descending Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails! That’s what keeps coming to my mind about, Overcoming Supernaturally.

Now, that’s what keeps coming to my head every day for a few days now. Do I know anything other than, Father has already placed that idea in somebody’s heart & mind? Do I know anything other than what Father promised to give me more riches & wisdom than what He gave to King Solomon? Nay! And I leave it at that. I wait.

Indeed! Father has bestowed me the power to wait on Him. Should I take matters into my own hands? Should I start sending persuasive emails to bring this matter to pass? Perish the thought. My only task is to write & publish what He inspires me to write & publish. That’s what I do. Father is doing the rest.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

#both-mental-physically-is-the-cancer-spread-over-human-kind-no-matter-who-one-is, #insanity, #king-or-pauper, #of-low-or-high-class, #overcoming-supernaturally, #we-are-all-affected-by-the-insanity-of-this-world-insanity-only-to-be-conquered-by-the-power-of-love-from-on-high-descending-upon-us-all-it-never-fails-it-always-avails-thats-what-keeps, #whether-rich-or-poor

A Post I Must Remember …Welcome To Join In The Restoration Of Our Beings …

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 8:46 am

O my Father—O Father of mine? I keep seeing those restored areas to house the chosen while waiting for Yahushua’s return. Amid areas beaming with organic fields yielding vegetables & fruits free from harming chemicals to our minds & bodies. Flowering gardens for the bees to produce honey for the survival of the chosen. Areas where the chickens and the goats and the cows are not injected with chemicals geared to slowly kill the chosen, there! The solar dome for the headquarters, and! I no longer see an impossibility! Nothing is impossible unto You.

Your words on Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 3:50 am vibrate within my being. I can no longer doubt You. No, this is not any kind of positive affirmation as it is now proclaimed by the best. Don’t mean to be smug or judgmental but! I simply cannot go along with the rest.

O well, my Father, O my Father—O Father of mine? An estimated million dollars is the tag to begin the project. Where on earth am I to get such staggering sum of money? Emphatically You just told me,

No need! No need! No need for impossibilities! I am with you and for you.

I believe You. You know that or, perhaps I do not believe You. You know it is inevitable for Your child to see the impossibility. Bank account? Barely the money for my daily needs. How can I even imagine millions of dollars at my disposal?

O thiaBasilia—O child of My heart? Have you forgotten? It is not your faith. It is My faithfulness. No need for you to imagine anything, to visualize and concentrate on the wantings of your carnal nature to make those materialize. No need to aspire to maximum goodness No one is good—not a single one.

I rain on the just and the unjust. I give and take at My discretion. I define all things. I set the times. I love and hate as it is fitting. No human or devil can figure Me out. All My doings do not meet the approval of human kind. Remember,

I form the light and create darkness, I make peace national well-being, and I create physical evil (calamity); I am Yahuwah/Yahushua Almighty, Who does all these things. (Moral evil proceeds from the will of man, but physical evil proceeds from the will of Yahuwah/Yahushua Almighty).

This is a matter out of man’s concept of My Being but! My time is set now to enlighten all. My love is infinitely higher than your concept of love. I am a Mighty One of justice. I will not deprive My children of any good thing. On the contrary, My aim is to restore & establish My children for eternity.

Rejoice! I have given you the power to wait. To wait with patience & composure. I will not delay. I am always on time. Continue in the task I have given to you. Write & publish. I will do the rest.”

With joy inexplicable and full of esteem I continue my task. I write & publish. Knowing of a surety You are doing the rest. I have found a way to post Your words uniquely & creatively. For I am unique. I am creative. Thanks, my Father for such gifts.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 4:55 am

You know my Father, been up for better than 2 hrs. Been checking the numerous likes and a couple of encouraging comments. Plus, listening to a video about my health. Everything coming from Your hand of mercy. You are leading me all the way. Thus, my days develop in a productive way spontaneously.

It is not true of myself to ignore all the wonderful systems & methods to do anything proclaimed by the leaders, authorities in this world. Nay! What is true is my conclusion after listening to them all. My conclusion? Inevitable, I conclude, “I know that. I done that. Why I do not see any results?” Then, I head to my computer. I put the question to my Father/Creator. My Father/Creator answers me.

Thus, my life develops. No results? Take a look at two comments from my readers of today. Wow!  An answer from my Father to give me a peep at the results. Guess I better quit doubting Him.

10 hoursSparky Jen “No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!”

What a powerful, spirit filled post. It’s wonderful to read a post that gives all the glory to our heavenly Father, and which is composed with an understanding of how blessed we truly are. We have enough. We are enough!

Leland Olson Hoel

7 hoursMy Mixed Blog

Dear thia Basilia, I have been to visit you a few times and I am surprised at all the glitz and glamour I have found. Father has made you a expert at setting up professional looking blog sites. You’ve done a great job at reorganizing and having an orderly system. One thing for sure, the word never changes but your ability to catch our eye changed dramatically! Keep up your good work, keep up your faithful commitment to the Father. I wish you all the best and a blessed year in 2017. I keep trying to learn, plugging away, a little slower each day through.The grace of the Father sustains me each day. I can continue to give him all the praise and glory for what I can do. Leland


His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

#inspiration, #life, #religion, #truth

Your Restoration Plan. Restoring Us All To The Original Intent For Our Creation. Behold! The Power Of Your Love From On High. It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

BTW I redone http://www.thia-basilia.com.  Check it out. Good posts daily. Plz give feedback. Thanks! 🙂

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 1:02 pm

O my Father, today marks one week since You burst me into Success Inspirers World. What a week it has been! Reading, writing, connecting, following Your lead. So many likes. Many encouraging comments. Overwhelmed with so many beliefs, methods, systems. All for the betterment of this world.

Me? Today? Just sitting, watching, and waiting. It’s 3:39 pm. I will take a nap.

Monday, January 16, 2017 at 10:21 pm

Hum! All day today? Messing with themes. Need to change theme. Heading info must convey message. Been working nonstop since yesterday. Almost missed recording today. Back to the task.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 4:33 am

No, no, thiaBasilia! You are not interested in my Name. you are only thinking of your shame! Hahaha! I got it my Father! And Father roars in laughter.

O my Father—O Father of mine? Every instant of my breathing existence You leave breathless—in awe of Your doings with me and for me! O well not only for me. Instead all You are doing for the good of all of us chosen children of Yours!

All Your doings are set timely. The numbers are so ever significant in the way You communicate with us. You have taught me to set milestones as I record the journal of my life in Your Presence. Thirty-two years to date all those stones are set as I record the date & time before I write anything since 1985.

Now, You bring to my attention the progression of Your doings since You set me up to execute Your plan to restore us all to the original intent for our creation.

from: Wealthy Web Writer

to: thia licona

date: Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 7:29 PM

subject: Success! Your Registration is Complete

from: Success Inspirers World

to: thia licona

date: Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 1:50 PM

subject: You have been added!

Well, only added 5 days and….already 200 likes. Wow!

Congratulations on getting 200 total likes on Success Inspirers World.

Your current tally is 225.

from:        The Barefoot Writer

to: thia licona

date: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 2:03 AM

subject: Congrats – You are registered!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

You registered on WordPress.com 4 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Well, my Father, I finished with www.thia-basilia.com. Now I must finish this post. I need to record what You have inspired to me in the last few hours.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7:46 pm

Thanks, my Father! Thanks for all Your blessings. It now disturbs me to even think of bickering for the lack of anything. I have so much to be thankful. No need to bicker at all. Back to what You have been showing me lately about the numbers.

I registered on WordPress.com 4 years ago. The Barefoot Writer? I register 4 months ago. Now I am a member in Wealthy Web Writer since Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 7:29 PM, and! In Success Inspirers World? Nine days ago, I was added to this famous website. Then? On day 5 in such website I amassed hooping 200 likes. It might be nothing to many bloggers who get that many likes in one day but! Considering that just a week ago, I was only getting 2 or 3 likes, 200 in 5 days is awesome to me.

Now, the point in mentioning all of that is, the meaning of the numbers. Number 4 & 5 & number 9 are obvious in those recorded significant dates. Why? Because, the Father/Creator is establishing in my mind the fact that He is leading me all the way. I have no need to worry or complain. No need to take things back into my own hands. He has my life under His loving control. All I need to do is write & publish. He is doing the rest.

But what is so meaningful about number 4 & 5 & number 9? Those three numbers are showing and confirming to me the way Father/Creator is working in my life—what is the meaning of each step in my daily living. It all amounts to my new beginning walking by His Spirit 100%.

As per Brad Scott, NUMBERS – GEMATRIA. The Design of Scripture:

The number four or dalet, the door, is seen in the Messiah, who came into the WORLD as part of the CREATION, in order to redeem His creation.

The Number Five – Grace and Preparation. The 5th day of restoration of the creation is the first appearance of life.

The Number Nine – Fruitfulness and Giving. The number nine paints a picture of bearing fruit and giving.

In other words, my new beginning on this 2017 year? It’s all about the harvest in my soul. LIFE & STRENGHT to proclaim the message of the restoration of us all to the original intent for our creation. To proclaim the way this restoration is to take place.

Nothing is as it seems to be. Our human minds cannot perceive the ways of our Father/Creator. Try as we might, none of us has a handle on the ways of our Father/Creator. Such is the reason why He directs me only one day at a time.

The Father/Creator has established my steps. He has strengthened yours truly to walk by His Spirit. He has empowered me to refuse the doings of my carnal nature. He has opened my eyes & ears to see & to hear what His Spirit is telling us, ALL on the daily basis. No way for me to make my own plans to teach or to tell anyone what to do. No need for me to set up my own ministry of any kind. No need for my own agenda.

Yes, it is required of me to submit to the authorities on this world, but! My gaze is set on my Master by His power of love from on high. Thus, there is no room for me to mess things up with my own ideas or interpretations of His words for us all.

And that’s my post for today.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch # 121&122

I am here watching the Inauguration of the 45th President of United States of America like millions are around the world.  I like the prayers, songs and the messages planted as a foundation for this presidency in continuation of a democracy of fairness.  Watching the faces of the people on the podium as the Vice-President Mike Richard Pence and at 17.00 hrs as the new President Donald John Trump said their swearing in, Oaths of Allegiance, I pray an America of unity, internal and external peace.

Now, I am hearing the new President’s speech and I hope the people of the nation he directed his speech at will in their roles and calling, hear in their hearts the nation’s  call for solidarity, strength, peace, tolerance and  recovery and each being involved in this process in their every day lives.

Taking from the wisdom of, I say what has been said before,

Congratulations to all Americans , Be The Best You Can Be And Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself Too.

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Be Regular



By-Rishika Ghai

Studying; the most important
Thing in children’s life
But they do not realize it
And take it as a burden.


Going to school;
But no regular studies.
Only study when
They have exams.

Overworked by curriculum
Result; stress and tension,
Leading to low grades,
Low self esteem and zero confidence.


So avoid the pressure of studies
Complete your homework daily
And study on regular bases
Then surely you shall get good grades.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

The Daily Post

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Heaven Is Community Restored


Heaven is a community of incredible, precious and eternal fellowship. 10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great, high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, 11 having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. 12 It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed— 13 on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates.

A Wake-up Call


By-Rishika Ghai
In today’s world
People don’t have time
For themselves and family
Due to overwork.
People should understand 
That it is harming their life
By not allowing them to live the way they want.
Don’t you see!! It’s pushing you down due to burden!
So wake up people!
Leave your tensions and burdens behind
And enjoy the life to its fullest
As you shall not get it again….ever!!

©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

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Revival of an Old Blog Site:purrfectpawsomefurrytales

Need your same love and support that you have so graciously showered on my this blog, atrangizindagieksafar….. for purrfectpawsomefurrytales. Feel free to reblog this message as well as the Purrfect Pawsome Foto Challenges in future also. 🙂
Announcing the FIRST Monthly Challenge as a tribute to mother nature…RNG’s January Purrfectpawsomefotochallenge:Nature At It’s Best
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Hi all,

Let me begin by thanking all of my wonderful blogger friends for their love and support in making atrangizindagieksafar a success. I could not have come this far alone… and I’m sure that I’ll grow with you all as you grow.

I have a blog site, purrfectpawsomefurrytales, which I had created for my furry buddies, but as luck would have it I somehow got distracted and forgot all about it. So now I am working on it again and have breathed new life into it.

Other than articles, stories, poetry I shall be hostingFortnightly Challenge(highlights on animals) andMonthly Challenge(highlights on nature).

Need your same love and support that you have so graciously showered on my this blog, atrangizindagieksafar….. forpurrfectpawsomefurrytales.

Announcing the FIRST Monthly Challenge as a tribute to mother nature…

RNG’s January Purrfectpawsomefotochallenge:Nature At It’s Best
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Why You Need To Audit Your Blog

So, you are wondering what the next goals for your blog are and where to start from? You ran the blogging race through last year and would love to see some distinctive growth this year. Well, let’s take it from the top, you need to audit your blog.

Like every business, to run a successful blog requires auditing and doctoring your blog periodically.

Based on your desired goals, the process of auditing your blog effectively could be simple or intensive.

Looking at what you achieved over the past year no matter how big or small helps you to make a concise plan on the way forward for your blog.

If you don’t know where you’ve been, how are you going to know precisely where you are heading to?

Having a blanket wish of wanting your website to grow popular or hoping that you would have a better blogging year without taking into account previous fails, successes and the reasons for those results is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

You are bound to repeat the same mistakes. Find the faults and fix them.

A good old-fashioned notepad and pen, word editor or Google spreadsheet would do. Read More…

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