Clarity: Persuading Not Selling…

Clarity: Persuading Not Selling. Yes, Selling And Money Making Are Inevitable. Bu!t That Is NOT My Priority.

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 5:35 am

Well, it’s done, my Father. I sent the invite to Jason, Maybe,
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A giant lollipop

Who is celebrating a birthday?
We will make it a happy day;
We will prepare a giant lollipop,
And a champagne to pop.



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Friday Quote

“This year many people will rise from where they are to greater heights. That will not be the result of good luck as some people may think. In a majority of cases, it will be the result of hard work, faith, courage and relentless effort. That is what brings success; and the choice is theirs. You can choose to be one of them or to remain where you are.” (Romilia Quotes)

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English: the underlooked most important subject

When we were in the University, the courses that were most underlooked were the language courses. English and French were the main language courses. The students who pursued them were regarded as inferior to the others and treated with condescension.

When I look at life today, I believe that was wrong; and those who continue to downplay language have it all wrong.

As far as I am concerned, language is the most important subject. It has a very important role to play in shaping the destiny of the world. 

Starting from couples, through families to the world. Language is the tool of communication. Whether there is peace or war between couples, in families, in or between villages, countries or in the world depends on the use of language.

A couple can be having a great day but just one poorly used word will come from out of the blues and shatter everything. One word can start a war between hitherto good neighbors.

All the conflicts rocking the world will continue and more will come until the people of the world are able to come up with solutuons that are found acceptable by all who matter in them. Of course, language is the instrument that is used to formulate solutions to problems.

 Language is thus far more important than many realize. Humanity needs to spend more time and make greater effort to master this tool of communication to use it to build love, peace, solidarity, understanding, and unity. In short, to use it to solve the problems plaguing humankind.

It is in this light that I say when I was in the University English was the underlooked but most important subject.

Since I left you

Since I left you

Things have never been the same;

Lonelines has been my bedfellow;

I need you more than ever before;

I keep asking myself if I have not misfired.

Is there still a place in your heart for me?

Can’t we start again?

My heart is again yearning for you.

What is love 

Love is hard to understand. It can be very good and it can also be very bad. Love builds; love destroys. Love brings happiness; love brings sorrow. Many times, love starts sweet and ends bitter. Can we say we know love? If you know love, tell me. What is love? 

On Art of Writing

First and foremost, I’ve to extend my thanks to “success inspires world” for giving me a chance to show my work on their blog.

Sketches By Nitesh

“I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it- Voltaire.”

Pleasant weather in Delhi is a myth.

It just dawned on me, in middle of my sweating session on the road, writing is an art and just like any art, there is an aesthetic appeal to it.

Personal perceptions.

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