Do you think…?

Do you think God will grant my prayer and I visit some  other countries and enjoy myself?

Do you think God will be so kind to me as to make my most cherished dream come true?

What is your wish for me?

Do you think continuing to work as hard as I am doing is worthwhile?

What do you advice?

I have been advising. Now I want to be advised.

Weak in faith

Are you weak or strong in your faith?

Is your faith deep or shallow?

 There are a few people I have come across or read about who are really strong in their Faith. Their faith is deeply rooted in their hearts.

The majority are not strong. They can’t fight for the Faith; can’t defend the Faith when non-believers are trying to tear it apart.

When your faith is shallow, when your faith is not deep, that is how you behave.

Better not to believe than to claim to believe when your faith is so shallow.

This is my thinking. What of yours?

The power of Passion 

Passion has power which I can say is immense. It is contagious.

I know from experience that this power is not easy. Of you see someone who has passion for what they are doing, you feel drawn to them.  

Passionate people draw others to themselves with their passion.

Passion also has some power that draws success to itself.

Those who want to make it big in life, have no two ways to go  about it.

They have to develop passion for their dream.

With passion you will better find the other elements  that will combine to form a whole, which is the success that you seek.

We will be friends

If you want us to be friends,
That will be a good thing indeed;
And it is simple;
Make me like you;
And for me to like you,
You must be good;
I like people who are good;
I like people who are loving
And caring;
I like people who are honest
And open to me;
If that is what you are;
If that is who you are,
We are friends.

#friends, #poem

Commit to memory 

When we were kids, our teachers demanded that we should commit our national anthem to memory. Though a very challenging task, we did it because those teachers were committed to seeing that it was done. Hence, they took time to follow up.

 I can say their commitment got us committed too. Thanks to it we succeeded.

I learnt my lesson. If you commit yourself to a cause,  not only will you find it a joy to do it, but above all, you will succeed even if it is difficult.



The Blue Sky Tag

DilKiAawazSuno blog

Bright and radiant the sun shines,

Making the sky clear blue and bright.

Hopes are blue sunshine is faith

Giving us a wisdom that darkness never stays.

If I can spread some smile, some positivity and a moment of faith, then I believe I can say that I was able to be the blue sky spreading faith.. this is my interpretation of the given Tag..

This​ beautiful tag was given to me byShivangi, who herself believe in spreading hope, positivity and love.. her blogmultitudeofmythoughtsis worth a read. Though so young herself but her thoughts are profound.. thank you Shivangi of giving me this beautiful tag.

As per rule I am suppose to tag 11 more people but I will go with 4 since I have not read for so many days.. just catching up..

And I have to give 11 questions to…

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Versatile blogger award

DilKiAawazSuno blog

Appreciation gives motivation,

Motivation creates passion

Passion gives happiness.

Started writing with a thought to spread some smile “if possible”. With no experience in writing I just write what comes in my heart..

The nominations that I got recently shows that I am able to reach and touch few hearts. I am so grateful to each one of you. I would like to extend my gratitude to three such wonderful people who believe that I am a versatile blogger and nominated me for it.




When I started writing I had ample of time for myself so I could read lot of posts and write as well almost everyday.. but now it’s kinda become difficult. But I could not stop myself from thanking such lovely people who took time to read my post and appreciate. So heartfelt thanks to each and every person who follow my blog. I…

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