Many words end with ‘ocal’;
The first I’ve found is local;
The second is vocal;
And the third is focal.
Which other word ends with ‘ocal’?



Who would not cringe to hear that some parents force their girl-children, as young as twelve, into prostitution as a way of making money for the family?

There are many horrible stories of how some men treat their wives in some parts of the world that make me cringe.

I also cringe when I hear about forced and arranged marriages still in vogue in some countries. I wonder why some people stick to cultures that can be described as outdated and which bring so much psychological torture to others.


Get the desired results

In my village it is said that when you sow seeds in your farm you do not go  digging them up or watching them everyday to see if they have started germinating. You allow them to germinate when the time is ripe for them to do so. 

Seeds germinate and grow at their pace. No matter how anxious you may be to see them grow that will not speed up their growth.  

The only thing to do to ensure their  proper growth is to make sure that the soil is properly prepared, that the seeds are good seeds and that the climatic and weather conditions are right. 

We can relate this to our goals in life. When we sow the seeds of our goal, we do not expect them to grow at lightening speed. They cannot germinate and grow when the time is not ripe.

No matter how anxious we may be to see them grow they will not grow faster because of our anxiety.

You have to create appropriate conditions for the seeds of your dreams to germinate and grow healthily and bear the desired fruits. Stop worrying! Stop fretting around!

If you do what is right for your dreams to come true, they will do so at the right time.

Our take-home from this is do what is right and you will get the results you desire.


Let’s live….


Life is a True Celebration…..

Let’s Live and let Live All……..

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Song ‘Courage’ by Mirakali

Good morning from Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe with Mirakali’s Song ‘Courage’ – have a great day!

Mirakali Homepage – Music, videos, photos, art and more: http://www.Mirakali.net

Find here on this website much more music and art by Mirakali: https://yoursuccessinspirer.com/tag/Mirakali/

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Image below – description: Mirakali live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy – experience Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and his band The Chosen Few live at this year’s Spirit of Woodstock Festival from 19th to 23rd July 2017 (www.SpiritOfWoodstockFest.com)

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Commit to thank God every day for the blessings and miracles in your life.

Susanna Dziworshie- Guest Author

Life is real

“Don’t think I am going to fall for the trick!” she told him.

“Why are you so worked up, it’s all an illusion” he replied.

“No, life is real, don’t complicate It,” she asserted.




How do you imagine the world to look like in terms of advancement one hundred years from now? I believe the marvels will be beyond anyone’s imagination. It can only be so if we consider the incredible things that today’s young people are doing. I fully agree, there is no limit to what the human mind can do. I find every new generation to be more brilliant than the preceding one. Hence, though the marvels that we see bid our imaginations, I can confidently say we haven’t seen anything yet. 

What  this means to me is

we (you and I) can each do marvels in our different spheres in life. This being true, there’s just no excuse for one selling oneself short. Therefore, I  invite all my friends (and this includes you) to resolve now to make the most of our possibilities and create our own marvels. Are you ready?

If wishes were horses

If wishes were horses,
I would enter your heart
And bring it back to where it was;
For now it is kilometers away
From where it was.
But wishes are not horses;
So I must learn to cope
With the new you;Such is life;
Sometimes the weather is cold;
Sometimes the weather is hot;
But we must learn to cope
Since wishes are not horses.