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If you are in our community, you will enjoy our community support. No General, it is said, no matter how great, can fight and win a war alone. Do not try to go it all alone on the blogosphere. All over the world, people are grouping together to draw strength from one another and achieve their dreams.

What people can do working together, none of them can do alone. The vision of Success Inspirers’ World is to be a platform where all inspirers come together and not only make their voices heard but support one another and realize their dreams. If your blog is out to help people achieve their dreams or become better, this is where you belong.

We have one instrument working very well in this community:the Solidarity Bloggers’ Society. These are people who are participating in the Solidarity Support Challenge. If you are not yet in, please, join.

Another instrument of support in the Success Inspirers’ World is the Happy Birthday Club. Club members visit members on their birthday and wish them a happy birthday. That is a way to drive more traffic to their sites. It is really good.
If you are not yet a member, join for free. Give the following information in the comment box:
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5. Month of birth.

For more of the things that are offered you here, visit this page.

Happy blogging!

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Inspirers Meet Here


A platform for all inspirational bloggers

If you are an inspirational blogger, create your own space on Success Inspirers’ World. This is a world for all those who inspire.Publish something here. Make you voice heard. Carve out your place among the inspirers of the world.


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Have you written a post that you want many people to read? Tell the world about it.

If you don’t tell others about it, they may never know it. You are free to announce your post on this site and invite readers to visit and read it. It is easy if you are an author on this site.

It is easy to become an author. Simply send word to that you wish to be an author on Success Inspirers’ World. You can also make this request in the comment box below. In which case, give your email. That will enable me to invite you.

Once you are invited and you accept, you can then start to tell people about what you have published on your site and invite them to come and read.

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  1. Solidarity Bloggers’ Directory.
  2. 10 Weekly highlighted blogs.
  3. Do you like to be a guest author?
  4. Are you on this list?
  5. Do you want more followers, likes and comments?
  6. Happy birthday Club.
  7. Spread love and kindness Challenge.
  8. Solidarity Support Challenge.
  9. Guest interview: Strong woman hard times failed to stop.

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You will be in our Hearts forever Kalam Sir

(Six lessons from his life for teachers-students)

July 27, 2015, we were looking for yet another scintillating address by our beloved Kalam SirPresident Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as he descended on the picturesque campus of Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. Alas, the script was different that day. The nation caught between disbelief and the inevitable was least prepared to accept what happened. As we pay our grateful homage to Kalam Sir, a year later, his memories fill our hearts with a million gratitude. RIP Kalam Sir.

Six learnings from Dr. Kalam’s life:

  1. Who says poverty stops you from achieving your dreams? You defied all odds, Kalam!
  2. Despondency is your enemy, equanimity a friend. He embraced the later.
  3. Working with the children is a privilege not bestowed on many. Seek it vigorously.
  4. His teachings were simple and touching. Effective communication does not require jargon and ideology.
  5. We all need a mentor in our lives, whatever station we are at. Equally, choose one to mentor and support.
  6. The love for nation lies in active participation in nation-building not in sloganeering.

The list is endless!! Our respectful homage!!

Solidarity followers and following

Uncountable successes  awaiting and awarding,

Many more happy faces a smiling.

1000 likes a ticking,

Many more mouse a moving.

50 posts a writing,

Many more eyes a reading.

7 earth continents a rotating,

Many more people a connecting.

1 blog a posting,

Many more minds a thinking.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World,



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Africa in miniature

My country is usually called
Africa in miniature;
Do you know why?
It has everything Africa has;
If not everything, almost everything;
If you want a quick way to know Africa,
Without going from country to country,
Visit this Africa in miniature;
Are you coming soon?
I’ll be waiting for you when you arrive.

Daily Post
Aug 24, 2016
Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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Your destiny is obvious to me (Add a line or more No 64)

That you’re bound for the top
Is obvious to me;
I know that looking just into your eyes;
That you’re bound for the top
Is obvious to me;
I see that in your work;
That you’re bound for the top
Is obvious to me;
I read that in your voice;
That you’re bound for the top
Is obvious to me;
I see that from the people
I find around you;
That you’re bound for the top
Is obvious to me;
I know that because of
The people who believe in you.

That you are bound for the top …  (add your own; a line or more)!

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.


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The Entertainer Blogger award

I got my first award😍😍



Oh wow…so I just went through my mentions and I fell on this award. I’m so grateful, humbled to see that someone has taken time to sit and read through my blog. So I wanna thank The Black Wall Blog for nominating me for this award and always support in and encouraging me with all her positive/constructive comments😊.

Sometimes we see blog-to-blog awards and think it’s just a mere picture but every little action we do makes a difference and without these awards, we wouldn’t even know how far we are impacting people (comments aside). Blogging has really enabled to create some links with people, belong to solidarity group or even be able to call ourselves family cuz we’ve shared the same things. There are some blogs that really inspire me, others make me strong, make me laugh for their writing is so touching.

So for this award, I nominate:

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 138


Thank s to you all. The response to my appeal more committed participation has been positive. More of you participated in the last challenge. That is the spirit which I highly appreciate. May we continue in the same spirit!

Here we go for today:

The rules of this game:
1. Visit the bloggers of the day;
2. Read a post each;
3. Like the post you read;
4. Leave a comment.

List of those participating in this challenge.

Bloggers of the day and their blogs:
71. roach59

72. lifehelps

73. zwesto

74. AnecdotesOfSuccess


Happy blogging!

Who likes to join?

This site has a team of forty
Authors I highly respect;
Great inspirers
Passionate about inspiring others
To bring out the best in themselves;
If you like to write posts to inspire,
Or to post anything inspiring,
You may join.
Tell us in the comment box below
You are in;
Then send us an email
To confirm you want to join the team.
Be the star you were meant to be;
Join us and shine with us!

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