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A Kennedy quote

One of my best quotes in life is a Kennedy quote on crises:

“Great crises produce great men and great deeds of courage.”

John Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States of America. He served from 1961 to 1963; and during this short time he created an impact that has lived for many years after him.

JF Kennedy was a brilliant man. This thought inspires me; and I recall it whenever I face any difficult challenge; and it keeps me going.

I confidently recommend it to you.

Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

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I don’t like… (Add a line or more No 31)

I don’t like
When a friend I am counting on
Disappoints me;
I don’t like
When I see young people
Wasting their lives on activities
That are not important;
I don’t like
When people go to school
But still behave like people
Who have not gone to school;
I don’t like
When people tell lies.

What don’t you like?

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Solidarity Support Challenge day 118


Are you a solidarity blogger? This post is for you. The following are our bloggers of the day. Do well to visit them, read at least a post, like and comment.

26. nicolegarbellini

27. Tasha

List of participants.

Happy blogging!

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Very embarrassing situation

A young man just left my office. He came knocking my door to seek advice about what he called “an embarrassing love situation.” He is thirty and wants to take a wife and settle. But he is poor; coming from poor parents and is just managing to live.

There is a girl as wretched as him with whom he is in love. The girl is as mad about him as he is about her. They have been planning to get married but have no reason to hope that their social status will one day change. Yet, they have been saying that should not stop their plans.

A month ago, a thing came up that has complicated the situation. He met a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family and is is secret love with her. When he started he thought it would be brief relationship but the girl has sworn he is hers for life. She’s been giving him money; but what ever he receives from her he passes some to the girl he adores. Going by what he has seen so far, he is sure that his social status will dramatically change if he gets married to this rich girl though he loves her less than the other girl. His heart goes more to the poor girl.

He came to see me because the rich girl wants things to go fast. He wants the marriage to be arranged and asks him not to worry about money because she will take care of everything. The girl’s parents have already allocated them one of their houses, a good care and financial provision for the boy to open a super market.

The girl from the poor family does not know what is going on and is very confident that the boy will become her husband and even though they will not have money they will be a happy couple.He too really loves her.

Thus embarrassed, the boy came to me. I gave my advice but told him we would still discuss.

What advice would you give him? From every indication the rich family is not ready to take no for an answer. They will take it very badly; and the boy may have problems if he becomes funny when they have already told all their friends their daughter would soon be married.

Please, advise!This young man feels trapped.

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She’s Always There…


#MiracleChallenge #7: Week – 7

Challenge #2 

A protective mist wrapped itself around me            

As I attempted a noiseless tip toe step

IMG_1267 Copyrighted and compliments of K

Along a favorite back country road.

It was beyond the middle of the night.

The stars remained hidden beneath a prestorm

Grouping of an unseen ceiling of

An impenetrable coverage of dense clouds.

Not even the moon, had knowledge of how

To shine it’s way through the thick black mass.

In the direction of the path, I planned to take

A  white formation materialized,

Literally, emerged ever so slowly.

Was it a hallucination?

Or perhaps a foggy dream,

As I was asleep in my comfy bed?

It’s eerie glow forged and replaced the blackness.

IMG_1224 AFTERNOON WALK LATE FALL Copyrighted and compliments of K

The form took on female resemblance

Somehow I recognized the visitor, as I watched,

A realization tinge that contained no fear

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Who can advise me?

People come to me;
And they tell me
To stop what I am doing;
That it is not worth the while;
But I know what I am doing;
I know it is the right thing to do;
And I don’t want to stop doing it;
They speak with such conviction;
It’s hard to doubt what they say;
But they wouldn’t stop urging me
To stop it;
Tell me;
What do I do?
Your advice will be welcome.

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Who knows tomorrow?

Do you know tomorrow?
Who knows tomorrow?
No one that I know;
Only God knows tomorrow;
Maybe the best is waiting
For you tomorrow;
Who knows?
Maybe the worst Is waiting
For you tomorrow;
No one can say;
No one knows tomorrow;
But you have to hope for the best
All the times;
Hope for the best
Although no one knows tomorrow;
Such hope will keep your spirits high;
And in such a mood,
You will do better;
You may even do your best;
And who knows?
The best may be the fruit it bears.

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