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“There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” –
-Henry Ford

#WeekOfSelfCare 🌸

Hey guys!

We take care of many people and many things in our lives. But, mostly, we forget to take care of ourselves. This week is the week of self care.

We will be untangling our inner confusions and fears and will be realising how much we have to feel blessed about.

We are going to take care of ourselves.

Today, as our first session, we will talk about gratitude.

Write three things you’re grateful about. And do not mention your family or friends. We all know we are grateful to have them. Instead, mention things that don’t come in your mind in the first place. Think about the people you walk past by, think about incidents that made you feel good inside, think and share. 🌸

You can’t give the world the best until you are your own best. ❤


Blogger of the weak-Thoughts of Sho

Courtesy : Taken from Shobha’s blog

Shoba is a word meant to be Glory,

True to her name she personifies positivity.

Live your life, love your life, be positive

is what truly her blogs vibes.


Today as I write I was feeling low,

Making myself gather to write and complete the flow.

Came across her post which made me little smile,

I would surely like you all to read her with pride.


Beautiful quotes, beautiful words

Love life is what she inspires.


I really dont think that I have to give any further introduction about her, a beautiful lady with a very positive vibe, Shobha’s blog is really an inspiration.

#WeekofSelf_Care (3)

Self_care is back 🌸


Hey there! 🌸

I am back !!! What’s going on in your life? Everything good? What’s new?

Well, for today’s session of self care, let’s take up the topic “Inspiration”. 🌠

Tell us about your inspiration! Share that one quote that you follow by heart. Share what’s the meaning of inspiration for you ! ❤

Inspire and get inspired ! 🌟

I follow the quote “Life is to be loved, and love is to be shared”. ❤

So go on !!! And explore what inspires people around you. 🌠

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Why am I smiling?

Why am I smiling?
Because the Lord is
On my side;
I have hope;
Because the Lord is
On my side;
I am not afraid;
Because the Lord is
On my side;
I do not worry;
Because the Lord is
On my side;
I am sure,
Because the Lord is
On my side;
I hope for the best
Because the Lord is
On my side.
The future is bright;
Because the Lord is
On my side.

Go away

Go away,you fear;
Go far away;
Go away from me.

Go away, you doubt;
Go far away;
Go away from me.

Go away, you worry;
Go far away;
Go away from me;

Go away, you jealousy;
Go far away;
Go away from me.

Go away, you laziness;
Go far away;
Go away from me.

Go away, you darkness;
Go far away;
Go away from me.

Please, add if you have.