It was with shock and consternation that the Excellent World International Organization family around the world watched the tragic work of Sandy in some parts of the United States of America. How would it have been had it happened to us. We were touched to the bones that human beings should go through such trauma. We offered the best we could in terms of support: prayers; that Almighty God might intervene and save the situation.
As the states concerned gradually recover from this traumatic situation we tell them our hearts go with them. We continue to put them in prayers.  ‘Congratulations on your bravery through these trying moments.’ We also heartily congratulate the entire American people who are always up to the task during trying moments.  Had it been somewhere else, millions of lives might have perished. We congratulate the Governor of New Jersey for his courage and calm as well as the others who went the extra mile to save the situation. President Obama’s quick intervention greatly impressed us. By standing with the victims during these trying moments, he has displayed outstanding leadership.  May Almighty God give the people of New Jersey, New York and all the devastated areas the courage, the wisdom, the means, and the will to turn this tragedy into a glowing opportunity for a greater future. The universe remains the only limit for them as for the rest of humanity.

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