Dear friends, today, I go for a Marriage Encounter Week-End with my darling spouse, Emilia. At the Pastoral Center in Bamenda, we are joining other two couples and a priest to facilitate the Week end. Emilia and I look forward to this experience. We expect about thirteen couples at this week-end including a priest or priests.
A Marriage Encounter Week-End is usually a very thrilling experience for both the couples attending for the first time and the facilitating couples and priests.  For the couples living the week-end for the first time, it is an opportunity for them to acquire rare tools for a harmonious, more successful and more enjoyable relationship. The couples will have the opportunity, perhaps for the first time, to spend a whole week-end focusing on each other. For the priest, or religious, they will have enough time to commune with Jesus Christ.
A Marriage Encounter Week-End is an experience to live. For the world to be an excellent place, we need happy, harmonious, successful families which begin with happy, harmonious and successful husbands and wives. If you are a couple, priest or religious but have not had the experience of living a Marriage Encounter Week-End, it is advisable to do so.  For those living in Bamenda or anywhere in Cameroon and can be at the Pastoral Center in Bamenda today, Friday, by 4 pm, do every thing to be at this week end.

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