On election day in the United States of America, I shared the following post in my blog.  I am happy that things went exactly as I saw them. I am happy to let you read that post if you did not on that day.
Barack Obama will be re-elected President of the United States of America. From the polls and the analysis  on CNN and other news media, I feel confident that Barack Obama will be re-elected for a second term of office; and this will be a good thing for the whole world; not only for America.  Americans must know that this election does not concern them alone. It concerns the whole world. The decisions that are taken in the White House have an impact on the entire human community.  To look at the best person for the greatest office in the world only in terms of who can fix the American economy is to look at it rather narrowly.  This is to say it is purely an American affair; which is not.
Mitt Romney, for sure, has great potential.  He has leadership qualities and business ability which might enable him do something about the American economy; but no one can say for sure.  Haven’t many spoken as he has been doing just in the end not to do much? That a man says he knows how to create jobs, fix the economy is no ground to trust him.  What is the specific plan which he has put forward? If he is not putting forward any specific plan it means either he does not have one or he has one that he knows American voters would reject and that would cost him the election.  How can anyone trust someone who is not saying what is in his mind.  I am not an American but I am proud of those Americans who would not allow themselves to be duped by promises which are not backed up by concrete plans.
Although the American economy is not as some Americans would have liked it to be, intellectual honesty demands that they acknowledge that not even Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan would have, in four years lifted the economy from the deep mess in which the Bush Administration plunged it.  Obama has been very brave and brilliant; indeed very successful except to people who have a failure attitude and do not know how to appreciate the achievements of others. What is more spectacular is his success in the world. The world is calmer than when he took office.  There is better understanding among the people of the world. This cannot be ignored.  I want to thank all those Americans who are honest enough to give this man the credit he deserves by supporting him at the polls.  When Obama emerges victorious  from this election it will inspire many around the world as they will know that there are more honest than dishonest people in America; the America the billions of people around the worlds adore as a role model

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