Greatness awaits all of us. To all young people of the world I say greatness awaits you.  You were born to be great.  Do not waste your opportunity.  As one great writer says, the great were once like you. They were once young and tender like you; not knowing, for sure what the future had in store for them. They had their fears and doubts just like you. But they did not let these fears and doubts keep them down. Their fears and doubts, they overcame.  They were determined; worked hard and never relented their effort until they made their way to where they aspired to be.
Like them you must have your dreams. You must have dreams of great heights to attain. Think big.   You were made for great heights. Do not allow the obstacles you find on your path to stop you. Rather, make them your stepping-stones to where you want to go. Work hard for your dreams and be ready to face challenges.  Nothing worthwhile comes easily in life. All the great people of the world go through tough challenges; but with courage and persistent effort they overcome them.
A great life lies ahead for you if you are determined to make it to the top.  Do not sell yourself short. Many people sell themselves short.  They fail to dream big because they lack confidence in themselves. It is said aim high and shoot high.  Those who aim for nothing shoot nothing. Tomorrow the world will hear of you if you make the most of your life. All those on their way to the top today are not different from you.  All it takes is the decision to make it to the summit; hard work, faith in yourself and persistent effort. Persistent effort can pull down a mountain.  If you try and do not succeed, do not give up; try and try again. Always remember that the great were once like you.

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