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Many people in today’s world behave as if their success were the responsibility of other people and not theirs.  Your success is your responsibility.  Generally, when we are young, we think that our success is the responsibility of our parents, our school or our country.  We believe success will be tossed at us; that we will automatically succeed; that being intelligent, being a good person and having well-to-do parents is enough to make us succeed. We do not see our success as our responsibility or as something that we have to work for. Then, as we grow older, and begin to think, reason and see the world better, some of us understand that our success is our responsibility; but some continue to think that it is the responsibility of other people.
It cannot be so. Everyone is responsible for his or her success.  What you become is your responsibility.  It is not another person’s responsibility. Your parents have a good share of that responsibility when you are young, but, on the whole, it is much more your responsibility than theirs because after a certain age when you become mature you have to fend for yourself.  Your success is your responsibility not the responsibility of your parents.  It is not also the responsibility of the school you go to, the principal of the school you attend, your teachers or your country.  It is not the responsibility of your friends; not even that of your best friend.  It is your responsibility; fully your responsibility.   This does not mean that you do not need help from other people. Of course, you do need help.  No one succeeds alone.  In Africa, we say that one finger cannot remove meat from a pot; neither can it remove lice from the head; one hand cannot tie a bundle; many hands do light work.  Others must help – your parents, your school, your teachers, your friends, your environment, in short, people known and unknown will help; but the main architect is each individual.  Each one must take full responsibility for his or her life; his or her success. You must play the lead role in determining your success.
Shunning responsibility for what you become and passing it to others is a sure way to failure. It makes you dependent on others instead of on yourself for your success.  You do not have to fold your arms and wait for others to toss success on to you.  You have to work hard to succeed.  You do not have to blame people left and right when you fail.  Yo have to take responsibility for your failures.  You ave to blame yourself.
Assuming responsibility for your destiny is the key to your success. It is the starting point of your climb to where you want to be.  It means taking full control of decision-making in your life; taking the decision to be focused, being determined and hard working; depending first on yourself before turning to others for help; deciding what you want to do; starting it and letting others come in only to help. It means not waiting for others to do for you what you can do for yourself. 
No one can do as much for you as you can do for yourself?  Only you know to what extent you want to go. Only you can decide how hard to work; how focused, determined and committed to be.  You must be the captain of your own plane and pilot your own life.  You do not have to leave your destiny in another person’s hands no matter whom that person may be.  You must take full responsibility for your success.

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