Every day, undoubtedly, millions of people around the world wrong others. You and I wrong others, if not everyday, from time to time.  It is necessary that we forgive those who wrong us; and in return receive forgiveness from those we have wronged.  Without forgiveness, the world would be terrible. Many people would be bearing grudges against others; and many people would be taking revenge. Jesus Christ came with a message of forgiveness. He calls on us to forgive those who wrong us.  He gives no limit to the number of times that we are required to forgive those who wrong us. We must forgive seventy times seventy times.  This means we must forgive and forgive and forgive.
But how easy is it to forgive?  It is not easy to forgive.  There are some wrongs which are easy to forgive and others which are not. They touch us right to the inner core of our bodies. We find it difficult to forgive them.  When we try, we will find that anger only continues to boil in us.  An example is, if someone kills someone dear to us.  It will be difficult to forgive such a person.  Forgiving may look like betrayal of the loved one. The question is what one does in such a case.  The greatest book in the world, the bible, is clear on that: we must forgive, no matter the gravity of the wrong committed. This is better said than done. It is easy to call on others to forgive those who wrong them; but not easy for us to forgive others. Forgiveness demands courage, will power, strength of character and determination.  These are qualities we can have if we turn to God for his Grace to equip us with them. God wants us to forgive those who wrong us. He forgave us after our first parents committed the Original Sin.  That was why he sent to us a Saviour in the person of Jesus Christ to save us from sin and hell.  We must emulate this example and forgive all those who do wrong to us.
Forgiveness brings healing.  When we forgive we heal the wounds inflicted by the wrong; and good relationship is re-established. As we like to be forgiven when we wrong someone, so must we forgive those who wrong us. This will help to make the world an excellent place for all of us to enjoy.

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