Intellectuals must sit up and make a difference

Intellectual must sit up; they must play the role that is theirs; they must make a difference. I was reading some papers and one thing caught my attention: an article that decried the negative role of intellectuals in building the society. The writer was appalled by the fact that the numerous intellectuals in his country were not making a positive difference as they were expected to
I agreed with that writer.  In truth, there are many people with excellent qualifications in the world who are not doing enough as expected to make the world the excellent place that it should be. Their performance is short of expectation.  They can be said to be under performing.  The question is: what is school for if it does not help one to build an excellent world? Of course, there can be no doubt that in today’s world, there are many people who have passed  through school but school has not passed through them. This is where the problem lies. Despite their high learning, they do things as people who have not gone to school. This is a pity. Education is not for certificates; it is to enable us contribute to build the society to which we belong. If we have gone to school, we must take appropriate measures to ensure that we contribute to shape our land to move in the right direction.
Many intellectuals are instead the ones who ruin their countries.  They steal, embezzle, cheat, fraud, mismanage finances which they should use to do work for their country.  They take advantage of the poor innocent citizens and exploit them. It is a shame when those who should lead us into light are leading us into darkness. Excellent World International Organization makes a clarion call on the intellectuals of the world wherever they may be, to sit up and make  contributions, befitting their status, to build the world.

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