First Letter to the People of the World.

My dear people of the World,
I know you will agree with me that this world is God’s property not ours; but He has given it to us to exploit for the time that we are here. In that sense, the world belongs to all of us who live in it. It does not belong only to some people.  It does not belong to some more than it belongs to others.  No one has a greater right than another to be here. We all have an equal right not only to be here but also to enjoy all the fruits of the earth.
Is this what obtains in the world today?  Not at all! Some people enjoy more than others. Some think they are more equal than others; that they alone have a right to enjoy the good things of the world.  Hence, it does not bother them that they are fine and billions of others are wallowing in misery.
This should not be so. We ought to make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy; and we can do it.  Although some people think this is not possible, it is; because it is the plan that God has for the world. He wants the world to be an excellent place for everybody without discrimination.
Many institutions around the world with billions of people in them taken together are working in different ways to make the world an excellent place.  Yet, it is not an easy task. We need all hands on deck. The world needs to work together to succeed.  To do this, we need to overcome the things that divide us.  We are divided by all types of barriers: linguistic, cultural, religious, economic, social etc. Excellent World International Organization wants to be that organization that cuts through these barriers and is genuinely dedicated to the pursuit of an excellent world.  It is not an organization of governments.  An organization of governments would be interested in protecting the interest of member- Governments; and the interest of many governments is not the interest of their people. In quite many cases, it is contrary to the interest of the people.  This is one reason there are so many problems in many countries of the world today.   Excellent World International Organization, which we propose to the world, is an organization of individuals whose priority is the common good. These are people who want the world to be an excellent place for everybody. They are people of goodwill who earnestly love to see good prevail over evil in the world.  We love justice.  We love to see people happy; and are willing to put in the best that we can in view of making the world an excellent place for all so that everybody can be happy.   
You can join us and make a difference in the world. Just by sharing those lofty positive ideas that you have or by doing just one good deed at a time, one after another, you can make a wonderful contribution to make the world a wonderful place for all.
The starting point is to tell us here and now how you feel about our vision.  Click “like” if you like this article and hence the vision.  Next, join our facebook group at  Thirdly, start to share your lofty ideas with group members. You can share your story, words of encouragement, inspiring messages, motivational articles and tips, quotes from the bible and other sources etc.  In short, share anything with group members that can help them become the best persons that they can be and offer the best that they can offer to the world. To me, to do this is to make a wonderful contribution.

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