2nd letter to the people of the world.

Dear people of the world,
I am delighted to write my second letter to you on the state of our world and what I think we must do. The world cannot continue to go the way it is going otherwise we are doomed; it will destroy itself.  You certainly will agree with me that too many problems are destroying the world. Each time I read the papers, listen to radio, switch on my television or browse the net for the news, I always get away very discouraged.  There is so much bad news. If people are not fighting and killing each other, they are protesting against one thing or the other; or they are bombing a house, a car, or a plane and killing people.  Fighting and killing, running up and down, starving and dying have become the order of the day. In fact, what we get in the news a majority of the times does not speak well of us and the world. Each time things appear to be quiet, and we begin to think that the world may finally find peace, some trouble will suddenly erupt somewhere and the world will start to boil again. What is worse, some of the pronouncements made by some of the leaders of the world leave one really discouraged and pessimistic about the future of the world.
Can our world be saved or we are doomed? Without hesitation I say our world can be saved.  Our world can be made an excellent place for everybody.  The plan that our creator has in mind for the world is not one of violence, war, killing, hunger, and suffering.  He created the world for us to enjoy.  We are the ones who have let in evil and it is taking control of everything.  We are the only ones who can send evil out of the world and make it an excellent place.  God will not do it for us.  He has created us and handed the world to us with the freedom to determine its destiny. If we help the devil to take control or we sit by idly and allow the devil to take control, he will do; and the result will be what we have today. If, on the other hand, we take God as our companion on our earthly journey, he will take control and good will reign. The question now is: who are we putting in control of the world? Who are we choosing to be our companion on our earthly journey?
Wisdom demands that we put God in control; that we make God our companion as we journey through this world. He will help us.  He will guide us to do the right things; and when we do the right things, the world will be right.
Dear people of the world, the world will never be right until we put God at the center of our lives and thus give him control of our lives.  He who controls our lives controls the world. If the devil controls our lives, evil will reign.  If God controls our lives, good will reign. The two powers that are fighting to take control of the world are good and evil.  Good comes from God.  God is good.  Evil comes from the devil.  The devil is evil. We are soldiers at the disposal of these two powers.  On whose side we fight depends on us. Each time we commit an evil act, no matter how small it may be, we are fighting on the side of the devil against God our creator.  Each time we do something good, no matter how small it may be, we are fighting on the side of God against the devil.
It is left to us to continuously examine our actions to see on whose side we are fighting. Some of us claim we are fighting on the side of God and yet what we do is we destroy what God has created in his own image. God’s weapons are different from the Devil’s weapons. The devil’s weapons cause destruction and that is why when we fight on his side we destroy. God’s weapons construct. When we fight on God’s side we build; we construct.  God’s weapons are love, peace, prayer, belief in Him, kindness, justice, understanding; in short, anything that builds.  The devils weapons are wickedness, hatred, violence, war, killing and anything that destroys.

Dear people of the world, the choice before us is very clear. If we want our world to be an excellent place for all of us to live in, we must choose the side of God which is the side of good.  We must put God at the center of our lives. We must put him in control. We must turn our backs on the devil and his ways. Therefore, wherever you live in the world, whatever your color, your culture, your religion, your learning, your social status, put God at the center of your life. Do not care about what others are doing if they are going the wrong way. Do the right thing because it is right even if millions of people are doing what is wrong. You can be a lone candle in a dark night; but from that one candle, millions of candles will be lighted. Begin today to think good; feel good; do good and nothing but good and thus be on the side of God; be a builder with God. That is how you can contribute your own block to the building of an excellent world


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