3rd letter to the people of the World

Dear people of the world,
Sixty four years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.  This document has virtually transformed the world. Before then the world bore witness to the worst side of man.  For no reason, dictators arrested, detained, tortured and, in some cases killed their enemies with impunity.  In many countries there were torture rooms and concentration camps.  Very few of us today would fail to cry if we saw a replay of what went on in such places. One can simply say some human beings were more or less devils in human skin.
We thank God for he so loved the world that he put in some human hearts and minds the idea of drawing up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to oblige the devils with human skin to sit up and if not abandon, at least to limit their devilish ways. This has helped; much has been achieved; but much remains to be achieved. The world continues to bear witness to a lot of human suffering.  This is definitely not  the torture and brutal killings that took place in the torture rooms and concentration camps in those days (although that still exists in some places), but torture and suffering all the same, though of a different kind.  Around the world we still continue to see violence and wars in which large numbers die. Injustice continues to be the order of the day.  Poverty has brought about misery in different parts of the world.  Many who fall sick die like fowls for lack of the means to get medical care.  Unemployment and loss of jobs is rendering many families miserable; living under sub-human conditions.
And while this is so, the rich and powerful swim in wealth – wealth that in most cases is ill-gotten at the expense of the common people. They steal, embezzle, cheat and exploit the poor and helpless people around them to continue to grow rich while the exploited continue to grow poorer. As they use this ill-earned wealth to build mansions, buy fleets of cars, eat to their fill and still have enough for their dogs and some to throw away, the wretched wallow in misery, unable to afford even a meal a day.
Let us recall that God created man in his own image thus giving him great honor and dignity. It is a great injustice and abuse of their human rights to deprive anyone of this dignity and honor.  We all have a right to life, food, clothing, work, shelter, personal possessions and freedom – freedom of thought, movement, religion, association; freedom from arrest without justification; and freedom from long detention without court trial.  Yet, in many countries of the world we still see people treated in a way contrary to this dignity and honor.  Graduates, including PhD holders lose their dignity because they cannot find work and go about like beggars and pests to others.
When a man has no food to eat, no roof over above his head, no clothes to wear, he is virtually dead though moving about.  When people cannot aspire and attain political office in their country because the political process has been held hostage by a few, although they may be living, they lack dignity and honor and can well be said to be dead.
Greed in the hearts of some people pushes them to want everything for themselves while the rest perish in misery. This is injustice; and injustice is a violation of human rights; and the cause of the so many problems the world experiences today – wars, violent demonstrations, terrorist attacks.  All these sap the world of thousands of precious lives.
As we celebrate the 64th anniversary of the Universal declaration of Human Rights under the theme ‘Inclusion and the right to Participate in public life’, and as we look for ways and means of making the voice of everyone count, Excellent World International Organization wishes to point out vehemently that justice is a key word in Human Rights.  World leaders and the rich must think seriously about justice in the world. If 20%of the world’s population swims in 80% of the world’s wealth while 80% of the world’s population fights over 20% of the world’s wealth, we cannot talk proudly of the respect of human rights in the world.
We wish to make clear that those who promote injustice in any form at any level are working for the destruction of the world. We call on all citizens of the world to put hands on deck to uphold what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stands for in all its forms, so that every human person, be that man or woman, black or white, American, European, Asian, African, Middle East, or Australian, having been created in the image of God, should enjoy a life of respect, honor and dignity.

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