5th letter: using stories to change the world

In some parts of the world, the culture of story-telling has died. In some, it still exists. It is regrettable that some people have allowed this culture to die. Stories are a tool that can be used to change the world. Through stories we learn many things: how to behave to others; how to do things in a way that will make people happy; how to avoid evil; how to be good children, good parents and good neighbors. In short, stories teach us good moral behaviors so that we may live well with others in the community.  It is more interesting and much easier to teach a lesson using a story than without one. A boring lesson can become interesting if a story is brought into it.   Many preachers (Priests and Pastors) make their sermons interesting by bringing in stories.
It is good that we have people and organizations in the world out to promote story-telling.  Stories make people happy.  And when they are happy, they work well, relate well with others and are more likely to be good to others. Someone may be very angry and a story will make the anger go down.  Someone may be planning evil and through a story he/she will be persuaded to drop the plan.
I like telling stories.  I tell a lot of stories in my radio programs and they make people who listen to them happy.  When they are happy they continue to listen. This provides them the opportunity to learn other things apart from what the stories teach.
One of my favorite stories is that of the elephant and the ants.  The elephant was always boasting to the ants how huge and powerful he was while the ants were tiny and weak.  He said he could crush millions of ants with a single stamp of his foot.  The tiny ants felt humiliated and so decided to teach the huge elephant a lesson saying he was not supposed to use the blessing that God had given him to minimize other animals.  They agreed to fight and arranged a day to do that to prove who was stronger. On that day, elephant stamped his foot here and there and crushed thousands of ants; but the more ants he crushed the more ants that came out of the ant hill.  They attacked elephant on the legs, the body, the head the eyes, the ears, all over. In the end it was too much for elephant to bear and he went down in a heap. The remaining ants had enough meat to organize a good feast for themselves; and that was what they did.
Dictators around the world need to hear this story. No matter how rich and powerful they may be, they cannot be more powerful than their people.  Whenever the people come together with determination they can pull down the toughest dictator in the world. We have seen this in some countries of the world.  It happened in Egypt not long ago.  It does appear the current leader of that country has forgotten the lesson rather fast.  Someone needs to tell him this story.  Someone needs to tell the same story to the president of Syria; that the time for the power of the people to prevail over the power of greed and selfish ambition in his country has come.
 Excellent World International Organization encourages every citizen to promote story-telling wherever he or she is and to use stories as much as possible to promote the values that are necessary for an excellent world.

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