In 1999, I watched a match which I found most thrilling.  It was a European Champions Cup match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich.  Throughout the regular play time, Bayern led Manchester United  one goal to nil.  Bayern’s goal came in at the 5th minute; and that lead was maintained right to the last minute of regular play minute. 
Within the very first few minutes of injury time, Manchester United slammed in an equalizer.  Thereafter, within a twinkling of an eye, through a corner kick, a Manchester substitute player who had hardly played for up to five minutes, slammed in second goal for his side.  That was the final goal of the match, and therefore, the winning goal.  
Many people got a great lesson from that. If you give up too early you may miss the chance of not only winning but dashing to the top.  Once on the battle front, the best direction to go is forward not backwards. One’s victory can come at any time.  It must not be at the start. It could be at the tail end of your endeavor. It could be at the tail end of your life. We can never be tired of saying that the quitter never wins and the winner never quits.

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