If your spouse had to choose afresh, would you be the one?

man and woman wearing cloths sitting on brown sand near seashoreHow is your marriage? In most countries of the world, 50% of marriages end in separation and divorce; and divorce is expected to reach 70% in the next century.   If there were a law today dissolving all marriages and you were given the freedom to start life afresh, would you like to marry your present husband or wife or you would go in for someone else?  Are you satisfied with your spouse? Is your marriage a happy one? Are you proud of your spouse and thank God for him or her? The questions are many but necessary; and let me ask even more. Do you think your spouse would choose you again if he/she were given the chance to choose afresh?  Is he/she happy with you?  Does he/she enjoy living with you? Does he/she see you as a good partner in marriage?

Undoubtedly, there are many people who, if given the opportunity to start life again, would go in for the same partner that they have at the moment. They are satisfied with their spousal relationship. They would fight fiercely if someone threatened to take away their spouse from them.  Yet, there are others who would not even look at their present spouse if they were given the chance to start life afresh. They would immediately jump to someone else. Although they are husband and wife, they are just two people living together with no love binding them. The only thing that binds them is their marriage certificate.

It is unfortunate and strange when people who passionately love themselves at the start and are ready to die for each other end up almost hating and not wanting to see each other.  Imagine a boy and a girl who are very anxious to become married to each other start off very well, but no sooner are they married than they are at loggerheads and soon the marriage is on the rocks.  You surely wonder why a boy and a girl would be dying for each other, swearing they would die if they do not get married to each other, but when they finally get married, it does not take long before problems begin to come up?  If it is not the boy threatening to throw out the girl’s things so that she may go, it is the girl threatening to park and leave.  They do not live in peace.  Most of the times, they are opposed to each other, and behave as if they hated each other; and instead of being a haven of love, peace and harmony, their home becomes a fertile ground for blame, anger, and quarrels – a boxing ring where husband and wife exchange hard blows on a regular basis.
Sadly, this is the fate of many marriages today; and this should not be so. There are tools to use to make your marriage a thrilling experience.  We shall provide you with these tools.  If you use them, they will help you make your marriage a happy and successful one.  They will enable you and your spouse to show more love to each other and successfully handle the differences that will come up between you; and you will see a wonderful transformation in your marriage.  Stay with us on this and you will get these tips.

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