When I got the news about the death of Larry King, my mind went to one I have so much adored – Larry King of CNN.  He used to be the host of the CNN program Larry King Live.  My heart almost lost a beat when the news fell on me.  CNN’s Larry King is my man. He held me spellbound each time he was on the air with his program.  That is one of the greatest journalists I know. I can only compare him to another favorite journalist of mine, Walter Cronkite.
 I was a young student in the school of Journalism thirty-one years ago when I knew Walter Cronkite. He was greater than most  US Presidents.  It is wonderful how some people can use whatever opportunity God has offered them to make themselves great. The same microphone and studio that made these two men great are in the hands of millions of other people around the world, but none will ever hear about them beyond their neighborhood. Yet, if some can use them to get to the top, then it is a real possibility.
A good question for each one to ask is, therefore, how do I use what God has offered me to make my mark? It is a question worth asking. Of course, you can make your mark. The Larry King I have been talking about made his mark as a Journalist. The Larry King who has died made his mark as a writer. Two Larry Kings; two professions; two great lives.

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