My dear friend, we have gone a  long way together, haven’t we?  We surely have.  We have been writing and you have been reading. If you have been reading, it is, I believe, a clear sign that we share a common vision of an excellent world.
Only excellent people with excellent hearts and minds like you believe we can make the world an excellent place for all. That is why I congratulate you. If the world had had more people like you, it would have been an excellent place. This is what we need.  This is what we are out for. Our vision is to seek, in the whole wide world, excellent people like you, who, with all their hearts want the world to be an excellent place, cured of its ills; full of love; where there is peace, justice, respect of human rights, respect of the human person, etc.
We want the excellent people of the world to come together on the net through Excellent World International Organization to fight for an excellent world.  Of course, people are fighting for an excellent world in their different ways; but we think that uniting all our forces in one big organization can mean a big difference.  We are happy that we are growing one person by one person. We heartily thank you for identifying with this dream. Reading what we publish here is wonderful support. You might have even gone to the next stage of sharing what you read.  How wonderful! Reading what we write, sharing it and encouraging your friends to do same is excellent, selfless service for Excellent World International Organization, which only excellent, selfless people like you can offer. Please, make the dream of an excellent world fully your dream. If you know anybody you can bring into the world of this dream, please do not hesitate to do so.  Go ahead and invite him or her.

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