Sowing for future generations

 On Saturday, 25th January, 2013, a big crowd of, mostly Christians, was drawn to the premises of one of the colleges in Cameroon, St. Augustine’s college, Nso. The event was the peak of celebrations marking the centenary of the arrival of the Catholic Faith in the Diocese of Kumbo. Fourteen Archbishops and Bishops were present, including the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea who was the Chief celebrant at the Pontifical High Mass that opened the celebration. The Cameroonian Head of State, President Paul Biya was personally represented by the Prime Minister, His Excellency Philemon Yang. Other Churches such as the Presbyterian Church was highly represented. Thus, it was a great event that was beautifully animated by the Cathedral choir in the diocese.
 We do not exaggerate to say that everything was well organized. The offertory procession gave good color to the ceremony. The Centenary uniform was bright and good.
There was enough reason to celebrate. From scratch, the Catholic Faith in the Diocese of Kumbo is waxing strong with many blessings.  The Mayor of Kumbo, Mr. Donatus Njong, who was one of the speakers at the event, enumerated a few: from an ancient Church, the area has become a modern diocese. From a handful of Christians, today it has thousands of Christians; from a few missionaries, it now boasts of numerous indigenous priests, religious, bishops, Archbishops and even a cardinal. This is not all.  The area has developed; schools have been opened including a University school of Health Sciences.  Health facilities have been put up.  The mortality rate has dropped; souls have been saved; illiteracy has been greatly curtailed; the economy is growing.
Why is this story important to the people of the world?  What do we learn from it?  It is important for many reasons; and many things, we can learn. When the Palotine Priests travelled to Kumbo, there were no roads; there were no vehicles to transport them.  What they had was a bible in hand and God’s message. They had the courage to dare.  They were determined. They were moved by their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  They had the zeal to take the Gospel to people who had not heard it. Their faith made them fearless.  They were not afraid to die for the Faith. They sacrificed many things; they persevered in the face of trials. They had the qualities that lead one to outstanding achievement.  They are not around today to enjoy the success of the seed that they planted. Perhaps they never imagined that one hundred years later their effort would yield such immense fruit. They sowed not for themselves but for others.  They sowed for future generations.
When we believe in a cause, let us go for it with all our heart, mind and might.  Let us not mind that the seed that we sow may not start bearing fruit in our life time; that we may not eat fruit from it. That others will one day eat fruit from the tree that will grow from the seed we sow should be enough reason and motivation for us to sow the seed, nurture the seedling and take care of the young plant as it grows. It is in this light that we sow the seed of an excellent world in our organization. It all started with one person – the founder, inspired by the Holy Spirit. One by one we are growing. We have only just begun. We have faith in the people of God.  We have faith that there are billions of people around the world who are full of good; who want to see excellence in the world; who will go in for an excellent idea no matter who it is coming from. As the missionaries started the Church in Kumbo and today it is a huge success, we are confident that one hundred years from today when the life of Excellent World International will be celebrated, it will be wonderful to read of how modestly it began.
Dear friend, the missionaries to Kumbo worked not for themselves but for the Lord. They worked not on their own but with the Lord.  When the Lord is at the center of our lives, we live excellent lives.  When the Lord is at the center of whatever we do, we do it well.  When we work not for ourselves but for the common good, we do extraordinary work. The very fact that you read what our organization publishes makes you one of the builders of an excellent world. Your comments will go a long way to strengthen this work. Sharing what you read also takes it forward.  

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