A fresh start for married couples

Marriage is one of the first and highest of God’s gifts to humanity. It started with our first parents, Adam and Eve. When God created Adam, he saw that there was a need for a partner for him.  So he created a woman out of his left rib and gave her to him.  He named her Eve. That was the beginning of marriage. We say, therefore, that marriage is God’s idea not man’s idea.
On the 10th of February, 2013, the world community shall celebrate World Marriage Day.  All over the world, this celebration shall be championed by the World-Wide Marriage Encounter Movement. It shall offer couples the opportunity of thanking God for making them husband and wife.  They shall also renew their marital vows, spend quality time together, and journey with other couples. This is important, especially for couples who have the same values.
Marriage can be a wonderful blessing if we know how to make it so.  If we don’t, it could become a hell; and that is what many marriages are.  They start off very well, but along the line, they become something else. I have seen young people who swear they would die if they do not become husband and wife, but shortly after they get married, they do not want to see each other. The question is why this is so?  What usually goes wrong?
Many people get into marriage without enough preparation.  They do not equip themselves with enough knowledge of how to live together as husband and wife. Coming from different backgrounds does not make it easy for them to live together. There must be differences that result from their different filters. This demands, therefore, that they learn how to manage differences and build on their similarities or commonalities.
Some couples get help from Marriage preparatory courses. However, in many cases, such courses have proven insufficient. Fortunately, the World-Wide Marriage Encounter Movement has come to save the situation. This movement has a week-end program which equips the participating couples with dependable tools for success in their marriages. After the week-end, they go home and continue to use the said toos to grow in their spousal relationship. Many couples who have done this Week-end shall be celebrating on Sunday, February 10th.
We do encourage all couples to come out wherever they find themselves and celebrate the gift of being husband and wife.  For those who may not be experiencing happiness in their marriage, this is an opportunity to start again. Learning to live together is an ongoing process. If you stop learning and fighting (in a positive sense) for your marriage, it will die. Therefore, fight to keep your marriage going; and participating in the celebration of World Marriage Day on Sunday February 10th could  be a good starting point.

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