Bad leaders

Many of the problems of the world are caused by bad leaders and bad leadership. Their bad policies and the bad decisions they take lead to bad results. Of course, a bad decision will lead to bad action and bad results.
A common bad decision that bad leaders take is to give power to incompetent people just because the said people are loyal to them, are family members or come from the same tribe like them. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes decries this: “Here is an injustice I have seen in the world – an injustice caused by rulers. Stupid people are given positions of authority while the rich are ignored.  I have seen slaves on horseback while noblemen go on foot like slaves” (Eccl. 10:5-7).
It will be a disaster if a fool is dressed in a king’s robes, made to sit on a throne and given the power to command. Hence, it does not help any country when competent people are left out or pushed behind, while incompetent ones are pushed ahead.  It is an insult, annoying and frustrating for a competent person to receive orders and directives from an incompetent person placed above him by a bad leader.  Many countries have been ruined because of this practice.
If we want the world to be an excellent place for all, leaders must learn to place square pegs in square holes.  Merit should be the leading criterion for appointment of people to positions of responsibility. Intelligent people should be given the chance to use their intelligence to serve their people; to develop their communities; their country and the world.  Blind men should not be put to lead men with excellent eyesight.

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