Coping with criticism

One of the most difficult things for some people to accept is criticism.  They find it very difficult to accept that they have been criticized.  When you criticize them they take it very badly and talk angrily about it. If you are not careful, they may even fall out with you. They will not want to see you.
Have you ever wondered why some people are this way?  I have wondered; and the answer, to me, as far as some people is concerned, is pride. They have too high an opinion of themselves.  They do not want to hear that there is something wrong with them; or that there is something they cannot do well. They always claim to be right.
Another reason is an inferiority complex. People who feel inferior can sometimes become very aggressive if you remind them of their shortcomings. They use aggression or hit back as a way of asserting themselves.
Mature people are open to criticisms.  They know that no one knows it all; and that no matter how well you may be doing in life, there must be people to criticize you. The greatest leaders in the world are criticized many times daily.  If President Obama or any other president in the world had been paying attention to criticisms and getting worried, they would have long abandoned leadership.
It is true that criticism can be very painful especially if you know that you are doing the best you can and that those who criticize you may not do better. Yet, if you pay unnecessary attention to it, it can hurt you.  It can even paralyze you.
Some criticism is genuine. If you look at it objectively, you will see that it is founded; that you need to do something about the situation that you are being criticized for. In this case, it is an error to close your ears to it. If you do, the situation may only become worse.
The best way to handle criticism is to see it as an opportunity to grow.  Whether done in good faith or not, use it to look at yourself to see where you may be falling short. Once you discover where you are falling short, correct yourself and grow.
If we, the people of the world, want the world to be an excellent place to live in, we must learn to accept criticism and to use it to grow.

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