The end may surprise you

When I was a boy, there lived a little girl in a neighboring village called Wezifor Lotta.  She was more or less a fool. Her teachers called her a retarded child.  We all called her a fool. Her toes were nearly all eaten up by jiggers. Almost everybody who knew her looked down on her and laughed at her.  No one ever imagined that she would one day become anything in life.
In the end, she took everybody by surprise and became something. When I think of it today, I tell myself it might have been because her parents never gave up on her.  They kept her in school,  and continued to show her love and care; and continued to pray for her. It was also because she was quiet and obedient which pleased her parents; and they became very determined to do whatever they could for her.
After many years in primary school, she completed and wrote an exam into a professional school.  She did not look like one who would pass such an exam; but she did. It surprised everyone and some people said her parents had bribed.  Whatever the case, she got into the school in question where she studied Nursing.  On completion, she was posted to work in a government hospital.  None of those who knew her could believe their eyes when she started working as a Nurse. Yet, that was not all. It was just the beginning. Soon, she got married to a handsome young man in a good position and they began to have children – handsome children for that matter.
After working for a few years as a nurse, she had an opening in the United States of  America which enabled her to travel there. When some of those who knew her heard this they exclaimed, “Wezifor Lotta! Traveled to America! Unbelievable!” Yet, that was what had happened; and there she lives today.  Her children are going to good schools in the United States of America.  Some of them have got their degrees and are working in good places. She is a happy woman and her family is happy too.
When I think of it all, it seems like a dream to me; but it is not.  It is reality. This is a true story of someone who is alive and kicking. It is the story of someone who looked like she would not succeed, but did.
In this world , there are many people like Wezifor Lotta.  They look like they cannot succeed; but do. If you go by appearances, there are many people who look like they cannot succeed; but many of them will achieve outstanding success.
The fact that many things may be going against you should not discourage you; neither  should it be an excuse for you to give up.  Many things that appear to be going wrong are actually going right.  We always have to wait till the end before we pass any judgement. This also means that no matter our circumstances, we must never give up. You may be a Chinese bamboo. Do you know about the Chinese bamboo? If you stay with us, we’ll share that story with you.

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