Will Hillary Clinton run in 2016?

Those who follow American politics attentively will not be surprised that people are already talking about the 2016 presidential election.  This is America. They get excited about things many years ahead; which of course, is good.  It gets them ready well in advance for anything. At such, no event takes them by surprise.
Whether Hillary Clinton will run in 2016 or not is an issue that is coming up more and more within many circles in the United States. Even non Americans are interested in it. This can be understood. What happens in the United States of America has an impact on the rest of the world. This is particularly true of who occupies the White House.
Will Hillary Clinton run in 2016? If she does, are there chances she will win? And if she wins, will she make a good president? These are questions that are coming to many minds. They are questions I have asked myself. I do not know what answers others have to them, but I have my answers. In the first place, I see Hillary Clinton running in 2016.  I do not see anything stopping her. I see her departure from the State Department rather as a step to give her time to focus on 2016.  As someone has described her, she is a focused person.  She would like to focus on 2016 early enough to avoid the errors of 2008.  Hence, having enough time will enable her to do all that is necessary to pluck a victory.
Why would Hillary not run in 2016?  Her ambition to make history as America’s first woman to be the president of the greatest country in the world cannot just die because she lost in 2008.  Of course, being a very high achiever, she must know the place of failure and persistence in the game of success. She knows that “the winner never quits and the quitter never wins.” Hence, if you want to make outstanding achievement in life, you must try and try again. 
Hillary must have understood by now where she went wrong in 2008. She took things for granted and was taken unawares by her main challenger.  She certainly would not want to make that error again. Hence she is taking time to prepare.
She has gained more experience in the State Department that places her ahead of many who might have aspirations for the top job.  The network of relationships that she developed with leaders around the world as First Lady and continued as Senator, were enhanced during her tenure as Secretary of State. These relationships give her a big edge over many prospective aspirants to the American leadership. Even more importantly, she enjoys a positive image around the world. We are told she is enjoying ‘her tenth year as Gallup polls most admired woman in the world.” Some have described her as the “coolest woman in American politics.” That she was able to work so well with the man who defeated her in 2008 is a big plus which will play in her favor if she runs in 2016.
Certainly, Hillary Clinton would not want to waste all these pluses in her dream to make history. With these and many more factors on the table, I see Hillary Clinton, not just running in 2016, but in the White House; not as First Lady this time but as President.

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