More about who we and others are.

We continue from our last post to discover who we and others are.
8.  If you did not find your personality style animal among the last seven animals, you may be a rabbit person. In this case, you are always ahead of others.  You are clean and quiet.  You know how to keep a group active. You can also run away when there is tension or conflict or when there is unpleasant work to do. When a discussion is going on, you can easily switch to another topic.
9. If you are a snake person, you are dangerous.  You can hide and strike unexpectedly.  You are harmful and pretentious.  You can kill and disappear.
10. If you are one who talks on and on, you may be a frog person.  You can talk endlessly on the same subject and make people bored. When you are in a group you like to disturb with your comments. You claim to be powerful when you are actually powerless. However, you are a useful member of your group because you keep the group going.  It is difficult to avoid you.  You are needed.
11. If you are ambitious, you may be a giraffe person. You want others to attain greater heights; but you can also look down on others and feel superior.
12.  If you are timid, you may be a rat or mouse. You can do quiet work on your own and hope that no one sees you.  You can hide things to collect them later for yourself.
13. If you are funny, you are a monkey person.  You are ready for a joke.  You are smart, caring and playful. You chat a lot and make it difficult for people to concentrate.
14. If you have not yet seen where you fall, you may be a lion. In which case, you are strong, energetic and domineering.  You intimidate  or make people fear. You always like to have the lion’s share and do not waste time to fight when somebody dares to oppose you. (To be continued).

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