Brutal violation of human rights

The violation of human rights continues to be a cause for concern in many countries of the world. Why should this continue to be so? Reports coming from some quarters in the world do not speak well. Zambia is a case in point; and the bishops of that country have not been silent about it.  They have described the situation in their country as ‘deteriorating’’ and ‘alarming’, calling for an end to the ‘arbitrary use of power by government officials.’ According to them people who speak against government officials are intimidated, threatened with arrest, or deported. What makes things worse is Catholic priests whose homilies are critical of the government are rough handled. There are stories of kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, torture, and political intolerance.
Why would we allow a situation like this to prevail in our country this 21st century? The world is moving ahead and the era of brutal dictatorship should be a thing of the past. Who is that leader who is still unaware of the consequences of impunity and brutal violation of human rights?
Excellent World International organization joins its voice to those of the Bishops of Zambia and other Human Rights organizations and crusaders a around the world to call for an immediate end to the violation of human rights wherever it is found.

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