A special gift of the day

  All over the world, the talk is valentine’s day. At the same time, the Christian world has begun a forty day period of Lent that will take them to Easter. Easter is the most important feast in the Church – the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. During Lent, Catholics around the world and many other Christians, pray the Stations of the Cross in remembrance of the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  On the way to Calvary he underwent unbelievable suffering and died a painful death on the Cross. On a daily basis, until the end of this period of Lent, we shall be remembering the key suffering points along the whole distance to Mount Calvary where he was cruelly crucified. Not only are we sorrowful that this happened to an innocent person, but also we are thankful to him for making this Supreme Sacrifice which washed us of our sins and saved us from eternal damnation.

By suffering and dying on the Cross for us to be saved, Jesus Christ taught us true love. To truly love is to be ready to suffer and, if possible, to die for the one we love. The most important commandment he taught us is to love others as he has loved us. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is the type of love we must have in our minds. We must ask ourselves to what extent we love the one we call our love? How far are we ready to go for that love? How determined are we to face and overcome the challenges of that love?
We are invited to answer these questions and to make sure that we love as we should.  Our love should not be superficial. Our love should be deep love.  Our love should be love that stands the test of time. It should be patient, kind, understanding, tolerant, enduring, never letting anger have an upper hand. 
This is the kind of love that we should have for our Valentine, not only today, although this is a unique day to express that love, but all the days of our life. 
Each time we truly love, we add a building-block to our dream edifice – an excellent world. Christ truly loved us and gave his own life for us.  Giving his life means giving everything he had. On Valentine’s Day, let us emulate the Lord Jesus Christ by giving everything that we have – the best in our hearts, to our love.  There may be no occasion that calls us to die for our Valentine, but to him or her, we must give all our heart, keeping nothing back for ourselves. It must be as unconditional as Christ’s love for us. He loved us, not because of our love for him, not because we merit his love, but because God loves us; and created us in his own image. We, thus, have a call to love. To love truly is to live life to the full. Let us, therefore, make true love our Valentine Day’s special gift.

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