Do you truly love Jesus?  Do you trust Jesus?  Do you believe that Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday after having died on the Cross? If you do, I want you to tell the world of your love.  Tell the world that you love Jesus and will die for him if need be. Tell him you trust him; that you believe him; that you believe every word that he left for you, for I and for others. Tell him you will never leave him no matter the difficulties that you may face.
Dear friend, we are in Easter.  This is a moment of joy for all of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are celebrating his resurrection. Had he not died and resurrected for us, perhaps you and I would not have come into this world. He was so kind to have died for us.  His heart was full of love for us.  He taught us what it means to love and to give our life for another. Let us pray:
Dear Jesus, you are wonderful.  You are great.  Your heart is full of the milk of human kindness. Grant me the grace to love you as you love me. Help me to love others as you love me. Give me the courage and strength to serve you despite the difficulties that I face.  Grant me the wisdom to focus on you everyday of my life.
If you love Jesus, do not keep it to yourself; share that love. Talk to others about your love. Whatever upholds the name of the Lord Jesus is good to be shared.  Go ahead and do that.

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