The richest man in th world

Who is the richest man in the world? Do you know?
I know that if I threw this question to the public, many people would say the one who has the most money is the richest man in the world.  They might mention the name of one financial giant or the other. Some would say the richest man is the one who has the most friends.
Well, financial giants are rich.  The one who has many friends is also rich. But I do not think riches should be measured just in terms of financial riches or the friends one has. These are riches quite, but the most important riches are spiritual riches.
He that is spiritually rich is rich indeed. You may ask what is meant by being spiritually rich. What does it take to be spiritually rich? To be spiritually rich is to be full in Christ. It takes knowing Christ; being a follower of Christ; being loyal, faithful and committed to Christ.
This is so because Jesus Christ himself was the richest man who ever lived.  He is an incarnation of true riches.  Yet, he did not have riches in the earthly sense of the word.  He had riches of the heart – love, kindness, compassion, gentleness, friendliness, and understanding.  He was caring, humble, felt for others.
He never commanded earthly power.  He did not have an army, mansions even a house to live in.  He did not have servants.  He virtually had nothing but there has never been a leader greater than him. He was spiritually rich. Therefore spiritual riches are real riches. Anyone who tries to be spiritually rich like him is rich indeed.

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  1. If you say spiritualism is true riches, I accept it. But what the street corner evangelists declare is the gods we worship are not true gods. He doesn’t stop with that. He says our gods are false gods. That is quite disgusting. We have been following the gods our ancestors taught us to worship for ages and we have never come to any harm.

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