I listened to a sermon that was presented a few days ago and was very delighted because I found that the pastor in question had taken time to prepare his work.The importance of preparation immediately dawned on me. I have listened to sermons that are not prepared. This is sad. When a pastor does not prepare his or her sermon, it is difficult to give a good sermon. Even if it is good, it cannot be as good as it would have been. Often, he/she will mix ideas, go forwards and backwards, repeat things, say things that should not have been said and leave out things that should have been said.
If you are a pastor, failing to prepare your sermon well before presenting it can be taken as a sign of disrespect for those to listen to you. Either you are taking them for granted, not taking your work serious or you are irresponsible.
Hearing the way some people preach one would conclude that they just jumped out of bed and set out for Church. While in Church, they wait for the readings and from them they get some ideas and begin to ramble.
It is important for those who pass on the word of God to take time and prepare their sermon or talk. If we cannot spend time to do something for the Lord, what then would we be using our time for?


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  1. Well said! As a retired seminary professor and pastor’s kid, and after listening to more sermons than I could possibly count (and preached a few myself), your point is totally on target. It’s an insult to a congregation if the preacher hasn’t prepared. Also an insult to God and the text. It means someone wasn’t listening to the text or the topic or to him or herself that week to find out where this text touches him or her at a place of deep need, challenge, encouragement, gratitude or whatever is going on in his or her life and the life of the congregation. Well-prepared preachers are truly a God-send for all of us.

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