Today, laborers around the world marched as their bosses sat and had a good time watching them do so. Poor workers! Those who generate the world’s greatest income are the laborers. Surprisingly, they get away with the least fraction of that income. Those who work least instead are the ones who get away with the greatest share of it. I do not know what other name to call this if not gross injustice. Our word is suffering from injustice, the exploitation of man by man, cheating. This goes to confirm that when unscrupulous people are in power the common people suffer. If the world is full of evil, it is not unconnected with the fact that many unscrupulous people manipulate their way to positions of power. The common people who allow themselves to be manipulated do so because they are ignorant and powerless. They need to be empowered through education not to allow unscrupulous people to manipulate them. This is why I say the solution to the suffering, crimes, in short, evil that destroys the world can only be found in education. For the common people of the world who generate the resources of the world to have a good share of it, they need to be educated to stand for their rights; to negotiate properly for good salaries and good working conditions; to know how to say no when they are not satisfied. And the rich people of the world need also to be educated to have a conscience and not exploit others and swim in luxury while the same people who generate the income in which they swim wallow in misery.

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