A man shot his wife

I have read the story of a man who shot his wife and killed himself. Quite shocking, indeed! Before it happened, no one ever suspected that he could do such a thing. He was such a calm man. In fact, he was a member of the choir in his Church. What led him to such a hideous crime? Jealousy. He became jealous of someone he suspected of going after his wife. The suspect was his fellow chorister. One day, they went for choir practice, and in the course of it, this man found his wife and the suspected gentleman standing outside and talking to each other. He jumped to the conclusion that they were planning an affair. He could not stand it. But instead of confronting them to know what was cooking he got his bag and hurried off to his home. When he arrived home, he got into the bedroom, got his gun, loaded it very well and sat at the door to wait for his wife. Later, she got home not suspecting anything; but to her greatest bewilderment, she saw some one pointing a gun right on her. Before she had had time to scream, the trigger was off getting her on the chest. She died on the spot. the screams of the children who found their mother in a pool of her own blood, brought the villagers to the scene. Frightened by what they saw, they screamed wildly. Jealousy is a very dangerous thing. It can bring about terrible destruction. We must beware of jealousy!

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