The 12th of May is World Communication Day. This is a very popular celebration in the Catholic World. But the rest of the world is coming on board strongly. In the Archdiocese of Bamenda this day is special this 2013. It has gone down in the annals as the day on which the Association of Catholic Journalists was formed with Rev. Father Humphrey Tata Mbuy as pioneer President. The birth of ACAJOC is very timely as it has offered the journalists a greater opportunity to participate not only in the celebration of the day, but also to play a key role in evangelisation. Catholic journalists are challenged to play a very important role in the promotion of value journalism. Journalists are watchdogs of the society. As such they have to ensure checks on people’s acts. As Catholic journalists they have to make sure that they communicate the truth. This calls for investigative journalism whereby the facts of every story are well investigated before broadcast. If the end purpose of journalism is the good of humanity, then it is the responsibility of the Catholic journalist to see to it that his or her reporting is geared towards the development of the society for the common good. The Catholic journalist is expected to do programs that educate, considering that education is the key to the building of the world. The Catholic journalist is challenged to build in the human person those cultural and moral values that will enable him or her to make positive contributions to make the world an excellent place for everybody. It is also very important that in a world of many contradictory voices the human mind is equipped with what it takes to be critical in order to be able to discern right from wrong and make choices that build not destroy.

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