How many of us take time to think of the love and goodness of the Lord to us? Very few of us,indeed. Many of us are not aware of how much he loves us and how good he is to us. Yet, he is a wondeful God. What would we be without his love and goodness. It is because he loves us and is good to us that he forgives us all the times that we sin.  We are sinners and our sins are many; too numerous indeed to think of. Yet, in his mercy he has not abandoned us.  He still cares for us. Thus we can never thank Him enough.  We Can never praise him enough. We have to spend all our lives thanking and praising him for his provision, his protection, his saving grace from the grip of our enemies.  It is He who enables us to go and come safely. It is He who enables us to go to bed in the night and rise in the morning. He does wonderful things for us. Then as Psalm 107 tells us in verse one, let us, “Give thanks to the LORD because he is good; his love is eternal.”

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