God can do anything for nyone

Each time I take off time to reflect on God, I always marvel at how wonderful he is. I imagine the type of mind that God has. How could he have created the universe and all that it contains? We are aware of just a minute fraction of the Lord’s creation. A great percentage of what is on planet earth has not been discovered. God is a wonderful God. In fact, saying this is for lack of a better word. God is almighty.  He is the alpha and Omega; the king of the universe. He can do and undo. When people doubt God’s ability to work miracles in their lives, I say it is because they do not take time to think about God; they are not open to the truth.  They close their minds to the truth. I often ask myself if God can create the universe, what can make it difficult for him to give me good health, to cure me of a disease that people think is incurable?  What can make it difficult for him to make me rich? What can make it difficult for him to protect me from my enemies? There is nothing that God cannot do. There is no miracle that God cannot work. If God can create human life the way he does it, he can create anything.  If God can make grass grow on the hills, and trees in the valleys, he can do anything.
Dear friend, let us give praise to the Lord!  Let us join the psalmist in Psalm 145 and say ‘I will proclaim your greatness, my God and king; I will thank you forever and ever.  Every day I will thank you; I will praise you forever and ever.  The Lord is great and is to be highly praised; his greatness is beyond understanding.”
There is nothing the Lord cannot do for us. All that we need to win his favor and get him working miracles in our lives is faith. If the Officer’s son in Matthew 8:13 was healed it was because he had faith.  Faith is all that we need.  Have faith and miracles will happen in your life.  The Lord can do anything for anyone.

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