Obedience to God is the answer

We worry ourselves in this world for nothing running up and down to get answers to our problems; to satisfy our needs.  The answers are already there. In fact, we do not have to go for them; them will come to us if only we know what to do and do it. If we do what we should do, we will find the answers flowing to us. The question is: do we know what we should do?  Are we ready to do what we should do?
If you study the lives of Abraham, Mary and Joesph in the bible, you will know what you have to do to get what you want from this world. It is simple. Why did Abraham become our Father in Faith? The reason is he obeyed God.  He was faithful and loyal to God.  He was willing to offer to God what was most precious to him: his son Isaac. Those who obey God please him.  Those who are loyal and faithful to God please him.  Those who are ready to offer him the best of what they have win his heart.
 Mary, like Abraham, pleased God and won his heart because she obeyed his will.  So too did Joseph.  So too did Paul. The outcome was that they were richly blessed. Mary became the Mother of the Lord and today, all generations call her blessed.  Joseph became the custodian of the Son of God – the foster father of Jesus Christ.  He is today the second greatest Saint in heaven after the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He is the Patron Saint of the Universal Church. St. Paul stands out as the greatest apostle – the apostle of the gentiles because he followed the will of God and won the prize.
The way to get the best from this world is undoubtedly to follow the will of God. When we are obedient, loyal and faithful to him, he rewards us abundantly.

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