Who do you look to for help when the going is tough? Who do you count on to stand by you; to rescue you when you are in difficulty?  Many people turn to different gods – soothsayers etc, to get charms to protect them. What must we Christians do?  The Psalmist in Psalm 25 says, ‘I look to the Lord for help at all times, and he rescues me from danger’ (psalm 25:15). This is what each Christian must do. We must look to the Lord when danger lurks around.  He will rescue us. He ‘guides people in the way they should go and protects those who please him’ (Psalm 37:23). He stands by the weak.
Yes, my friend.  Never fear to put your full trust in the Lord. He ‘is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.  So we will not be afraid even if the earth is shaken and the mountains fall into the ocean depths; even if the seas roar and rage, and the hills are shaken by the violence’ (Psalm 46:1-3).
We live in fear for nothing.  Do not worry about plans that people may put up against you. All you need is faith that the Lord will protect you and nothing will happen to you. Our problem is that our faith is usually not strong enough. We say we have faith when we do not.  Just a little trial shows that we do not have faith. If your faith is strong no enemy no matter how rich, strong or influential he may be will be able to overcome you.  Nothing can be greater than God’s power.

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