Common Entrance is out

The results of the Government Common Entrance Examination into secondary schools in Cameroon for the North-West Region are out. Many parents and pupils have been waiting anxiously for these results. CRTV announced that the performance this year has dropped; and girls have done better then boys.
With this examination, the door to secondary education is opened for many young Cameroonians. Those who have passed in list  A will easily find admission into Government secondary schools. But it will be more difficult to be admitted into confessional colleges such as Sacred Heart College Mankon, Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary school Mankon, PSS Mankon, St, Bedes College etc. The reason is these are among the best colleges in the country and there is usually a scramble for them.  Interviews into them have already been slated.  For the three Catholic Colleges just cited, they shall take place in one center – Sacred Heart College Mankon on the 15th June 2013.  It is hoped that only the best shall secure places in form one fr the next academic year.
Many parents in Cameroon are conscious of the need for good education for their children. Hence, they make enormous sacrifices to enable them acquire sound education. That is why despite the high fees, they spare no effort to pay.
Studying in confessional colleges is highly recommended.  There, the students have an all round education.  This means they are molded intellectually, morally and spiritually which is very important. They do not produce intellectual giant who are spiritual dwarfs.  They produce intellectual, moral and spiritual giants.  These are the kinds of people the world needs to be an excellent place for all.

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