Stand firm for the truth

Do you know somebody who speaks with a sweet and convincing tongue and makes you think he is an angel when he is not? His heart is full of evil and he can destroy; but makes you think he is wonderful. There are many of such people around us. And often it is very difficult to know that what they preach is not what they practice. You can only know if you look closely at them.  Every move of theirs carries the seed of destruction; but the way they will talk will make you think they are living saints.  This is what is called hypocrisy.Dare to open your mouth to criticize them and you shall be told how evil you are. They are so cunning; they manipulate.
This is not the best thing to do.  It is said that you can fool some of the people some of the times but you cannot fool all the people all the times. If you specialize in acts of wickedness while at the same time you go around deceiving people that you are a saint, you will one day pay for it.  Is it not said that 99 days for the thief and one for the owner? The truth always prevails.  You may hide it, twist it, delay it, but one day it must come to the surface.
For our own good, let us stick to the truth, and nothing but the truth. Sometimes we will suffer because we are defending the truth.  This should not make us give up on the truth. Stand by the truth and die for the truth. With the truth we can be sure of an excellent world.

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