Are there some days when you feel left alone in this world? With nobody by you and for you? Sometimes I feel like that.  I feel all alone; not understood by those around me; wrongly judged and sentenced unfairly by people closest to me. It really does happen; and to many people indeed.  This, in no way says you are wrong.  You could be wrong too, but that does not have to be the case before you are wrongly judged or misunderstood. There are many people in prison who should be enjoying their freedom; but they are in prison because somebody said they did what they did not do. And while they are gnashing their teeth in prison, the real culprits are enjoying their freedom; passing for angels when they are the devils of the world. What a world we live in! Often I wonder why God created some hearts the way they are. Is it really God who made all hearts the way they are?  Some are so hardened.  They do not mind what they do to another as long as their interest is satisfied. Look at this woman who killed her husband even when he was crying and begging her not to kill him. Can we say she has a human heart created by God? I think God might have created the heart but the devil dwells fully in it. The devil indeed, lives permanently in some human hearts; and if we do not get rid of him the world is headed for destruction. Education to me seems to be the only solution to this plight.  Let us put all hands on deck to put in place an education for the world that will make hearts human not inhuman; that will install God and not the devil in the hearts of men and women.  But before we get there, whatever you can do to educate one person beginning with yourself to be a more loving and less self-centered, will be an immense service to the world.

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