The rate of stealing in my town is alarming.  I do not think the story in other towns is different. In many towns and cities in the world people go to bed in the night with fear because they cannot say what the men and women of the underworld will do to them. Where I live, it is not common these days to find people staying out in the night to enjoy themselves as they used to do before. The reason is they fear the men and women of the underworld. This is because of what has happened to some people. Many people have been shot and killed in the night by these evil ones. When thy are out in the night, all they want is money and they can do anything to have it. They do not care who they kill to get what thy want. They will kill to rob banks, schools and business places of millions of francs.
See the way these fellows live.  They spend money as if it were not something difficult to come by.  What beats everyone’s imagination is why strong healthy, handsome young men or beautiful young women who can do a lot to live meaningful lives should go stealing instead of working to earn a living. Shockingly, sometimes when those behind theft cases are unveiled they are found to be people in high ranking positions in the administration or in society or children of such big guns who supposedly have everything they need. Is it not a shame that people in high positions should be thieves or that their children should be thieves?
The average person expects the police to do their job to wipe out stealing from the society; but often when the thieves are caught and taken to the police, it will not be long before one finds them parading the streets in town boasting how they will deal with any body who had a hand exposing them.
It seems hard to solve the problem of stealing in the society since those in authority who are in a position to do something about it are themselves thieves.  They may not steal in the night but they steal from Government coffers to build mansions, buy luxurious cars and live in affluence while the rest of the people perish in misery.
The truth about stealing is it is evil. It is harmful to society. We need to put our heads together to find  a solution to it. Hence, whatever ideas you have as a solution to this problem, do not keep it to yourself.  Share it with others.  It is rightly said that many heads are better than one.


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