Respect is necessary

Many people of the older generation find many strange things in today’s society. They can hardly say where respect has disappeared to.  The young no longer respect anybody. Children no longer respect people who are as old as their parents.  Some do not respect even their own parents.   Students hardly respect their teachers.  Younger brothers and sisters hardly respect their older brothers and sisters. When you meet a younger person instead of him or her greeting you, he or she will wait for you to greet him or her; and when you do, he/she may not even answer or he/she may answer very casually. In fact, many of our young ones are too full of themselves.  They think that they have arrived. They want to run faster than their shadows; and so do not see anybody to be anything.
The truth is when they become older, many of them see the importance of respect; that younger ones need to respect older ones.  They become unhappy and even angry if their own children do not respect them, or if other children as young as their own children do not respect them.
A world without respect cannot function well. A person who does not respect other people will not respect the laws of his or her land. And how can society function well if the laws of the land are not respected? There will be total anarchy.  
 It is necessary that we train our children to be respectful. Teaching them to respect others is teaching them to respect authority; respect the laws of the Fatherland; respect the laws of the Church and above all, respect the laws of God.

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