Election time is usually a delicate time in Third World countries.  The reason is simple. Often the election are marred by irregularities starting from registration through campaigns, voting, and vote-counting to the proclamation of results. All the actors want to win and do not seem to know that not everybody can win; that there must be winners and there must be losers. Those who want to win at all cost are the ones who cause the most trouble. Often these are the unscrupulous ones who are most unable to deliver the goods; but they want to win.
We must thank God that there campaigns have so far been hitch-free.  It is thanks to the maturity of Cameroonians and also to the various calls by those who matter to Cameroonians to display maturity.  The Catholic Church made its voice heard in this regard in a powerful way through its National Episcopal Conference. The Bishops issued a pastoral letter calling on the Christians and other people of good will to maintain peace, put political parties aside and vote for people whom they believe will deliver the goods.  The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon also came out strongly gor peace; so too was peace crusader Barrister Nico Halle.
The value of peace cannot be over emphasized.  Peace cannot be bought. Excellent World International Organization joins its voice to those of the others to pray for peace before, during, and after the elections. We call on all those who are organizing the election to value our peace and maximize its chances of prevailing by doing everything to make the election free, fair and transparent.

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