Expect the best

How can one know how life would turn out to be? Is it possible to know the future?

Yes and no. No one can really know the future; but there are indications that can make us guess how the future would turn out to be.

If you are positive, you can hope for a bright future.  If you are negative, of course, you will expect a negative future; and do not be surprised if it turns out to be just that.

Attitude is everything. Usually we get what we expect to get. Expecting the best places us in a better position to work for the best.  And when we work for the best, the chances of getting the best are higher. When we are negative we cannot put in all that we are capable of. We do not go for the best. Should it then surprise us if we do not get the best?

The secret of life is to hope for the best; work for the best and chances are high you will get the best.

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