I made a discovery which you might have made a long time ago but I am quite excited about it and wish to share it. I have discovered one reason many of us do not achieve as much in life as we should.  It is because we do not pay enough attention to the management of our lives. It’s nothing new to you I suppose; but the question is how much time do you spend on managing your life? You may know all you need to know about how to do something but as long as you do not do it you will not have the thing. You may know that spending enough time on the management of your life is important but still not do it.  Then you will not get any results you desire from your life. Most of us live rather haphazardly but expect our lives to shine. Its very simple. Live haphazardly and your live will be haphazard.  Spend time to manage your life and you will have a life that is organized and successful.  Try it and see.

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