Being inspired by someone is a great blessing in life. Many do not have people who inspire them.  I am lucky to be among those who have been greatly inspired by Bobe Francis Yong.  This humble man from Boyo land is an example of what Jesus Christ meant when he said the greatest among us should be the humblest. I still marvel at what Bobe Francis Yong has done for Cameroon. It is simply unbelievable that he came from where he did and got to where he did. Who can fail to pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of this man.
‘Dear Bobe, it is not easy to have space in your funeral book to pay tribute to you.  Thank God and modern communication technology we have space in this forum to say what we think about you.  You were a great man – a hero. You made it in grand style. Please grant us one favor. Intercede for us and especially for your family so that they may have the grace to take the great work you have done in this world ahead.  May love and harmony reign in your family!

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