The spouse you are serching

I would like you to imagine a scenario where a giant like the ones we see wrestling on Television marries a dwarf or pigmy.  I believe many people would say such a marriage would be incompatible. Then the question of compatibility in marriage arises. What determines compatibility? What is important?  Is it physical compatibility or compatibility of character? This also takes us to what people generally look for or should look for when they are choosing a partner for marriage. Often people leave out the things that are important and go in for the ones that do not really matter.  What many people look for is beauty or handsomeness. Some look for physical compatibility with little attention paid to character compatibility. I see nothing wrong with a giant and a dwarf or pigmy becoming husband and wife if they will be happy together.  But I see something wrong with a boy and a girl who look like a perfect pair but who are not happy in their relationship. If many marriages are on the rocks or are not as happy as they should be, it is because people look for the wrong things in the one they want to marry.  Character is primordial. An ugly person with a good character is in reality more beautiful than someone with physical beauty who lacks good character. If you are still searching for a life partner, the best one would be someone who has a good character. It is also important to know that the person you are searching for also wants to have a good partner. If you are to be his or her partner watch your own character. Be the type of spouse you are searching for.

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