One man one wife versus one man many wives

The Church says one man should have one wife. Many women like this.  They say they do not want to share their man with another woman. Some men go with this and say if one man has many wives, his love will be divided; that no one can love many women at the same time. One must be more loved than the other and jealousy will come in; and with jealousy will come many other problems. They say one man, one problem; many wives man problems. Others say the concept of one man one wife is a Western concept, foreign to Africa, and meant to impose the western culture and domination on Africans; that according to African culture one man should have many wives.  This, they argue, leads to a large family which is a sign of strength; that with a large family one demonstrates strength when it comes to burials, death celebrations, marriages and attack from anyone. No one mentions the fact that marriage means responsibility – more space for lodging, more mouths to feed, more money for health care and school fees etc. Christian loyalists will not shake from the position of the Church. So too will loyalists of the African culture.  Many are mid-way; not sure of what to stand for. They need help to decide. That is where you come in.

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