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Dear friend, you are heartily welcome to my blog, success inspirer. I have been looking forward to this wonderful moment to share the best of what I have with you. Here, you will drink from a fresh spring of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. I can assure you of one thing: you will be thrilled every time you are in our company.

Do you know one thing that most high achievers do which eases their rise to the top, but which is hardly talked about? In fact I have never heard it mentioned when the secrets of success are being discussed. Meanwhile, it is the one thing that has taken more people to the top of the ladder of life than any other one that I know.

You certainly know as much as I do that it is usually not by accident that people get to high positions in life. Hardly do they just find themselves at the summit. You need to study the lives of some of the prominent personalities around you to see what I am talking about. It is by dint of pro-success decisions and actions; actions that are apt to bring success. We commonly refer to them as the secrets of success. You will find such secrets in many self-help books around you; but this one that I want us to talk about is hardly found in self-help books; not even in high-profile blogs on success. I have not yet understood why such a very important secret of success should be so overlooked. My guess is because of its simplicity. This brings me to a key point which I would like to underscore about life: the most important things in life are not complicated. They are simple; in fact, very simple. The things that readily come to mind here are air, light and water. You could take off time to reflect on this.

Though the simplicity of the success secret in question has made it a most-often-overlooked secret, it can take one to places. Have you noticed that those who succeed to get to the top of the ladder in almost all fields do not do many things of theirs themselves? They have people who do things for them. Take Barack Obama who won the White House in the United States of America twice. He did not do that alone. He hired people to work for him. Many people actually volunteered to work for him. Hence, an army of persons worked for him to win victory. While these people executed the decisions taken, ran errands, and took care of the details, Obama himself concentrated on the big picture, making sure that the ship was on course; that he was able to find time to learn more about what he had to do and how to do it; that he was able to plan and write his speeches, prepare interviews; prepare debates and handle other key issues.

The truth is no one succeeds alone. If in your home you want to do everything alone, you will crack or end up achieving very little. You need people to help you. That is why when there is a water problem in your home, you will hire a plumber. When you have a problem of light, you will hire an electrician. When there are many people helping in different ways, you will have enough time to rest and concentrate on the big issues which only you can handle. No one who goes alone can succeed in a big way. The more you get people on board your plane to do some of the things that must be done, the more your chances of being successful. Imagine a situation where you have people taking care of 90% of the things that you need to do. You will be able to handle the remaining 10%. You can see the results yourself. Of course, people will be amazed because they will see you shining and sparkling.

We must acknowledge that the world is moving at lightning speed and it is more and more difficult to cope. Many things compete for the 24 hours of the day which the Lord has given us. You cannot do all the things that you have to do alone, especially if your aim is for the top. You must get help. It is in this light that you will see a boss hiring a secretary instead of doing the work of a secretary. He will hire house help. He will hire a driver. He will hire a washman. These people will make things easier for him.

How do people in high positions get to know about happenings in the world? They do not have time to read all the newspapers and magazines that they can find, neither can they afford to listen to all the radio stations, or watch TV stations to know what is going on in the world. There are people around them who read, listen to radio and watch TV and at the end of the day, they summarize everything that they have read, heard or watched for the boss. If he is a President, when journalists go to talk to talk to him, he will talk with confidence and expertise on issues like the economy, politics, social issues, world affairs and others not because he is a super human being but because he had people working for him. That is the big secret.

If you want to go far in life, you have to get people to work for you. You have to get people to do the things that you need to have done for you, while you concentrate on those that are very important and which no one else can do for you. This is where I come in very strongly with an offer to you. In today’s highly competitive world you need to be very competitive; and to be competitive, you need to equip yourself intellectually. This demands that you read a lot. If you stop reading, you will vegetate. You cannot feed only on your own mind. You will soon run dry. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find time to read whereas there is too much to read: newspapers, magazines, books and what the net offers. It can be quite overwhelming to do all this and still find time to do your job, run your home, and socialize. To find the right books or articles on the net to read is by itself not an easy thing. You could spend precious hours and even days in vain searching for the right stuff to read.

Just imagine for a moment what a golden gift it can be for someone to volunteer to make the best reading material in the world available to you in your email or on his blog so that you can have access to it whenever you like! This means that the person will identify the best books, read and summarize them for you. He will read and summarize the best positive posts for you so that you get to know the key ideas in them. Such a person would be like your press secretary; and that would make things very easy for you. You would just have to check your mail box to get good stuff to read; or you would just go to the person’s blog to find the best things to read. You won’t have to waste precious time looking for such material all over the net or in bookshops. Think of how much you can gain in time! You would be like a president.
Don’t gasp for breath because this is exactly what I want to do for you. I am volunteering to be your press secretary. I want to devote the rest of my days making the best knowledge in the world easily available to you. I have great admiration for people who aspire to get to the top of the ladder in life and wherever I find such people I like to help them succeed. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. That is my passion. I have spent almost all my life helping people succeed; and I have no intention of relenting in that. My reasons for doing this are many: I have had so much help from others in life. If I am what I am today, it is because of the help I have had from others. Once I got lost on a hill and some kind man came from nowhere and rescued me. At another time, I was returning home from the city on foot when a big stream on my way over flooded its banks making it impossible for me to cross. It was night and there were no houses around. Again, out of the blues a kind man came along and rescued me. There are many other gifts that I have received from God and from others which I cannot enumerate here. When I reviewed my life, and counted my blessings one by one, I saw how God had blessed me. Then I resolved it was important to pass on these gifts to others. I have seen what passing on the gift can do for the human society. The world can be an excellent place if we all learn to pass on the gifts that we receive. Since taking the resolution to pass on the gift, I have championed many causes, including the rescue of many heart patients. I have been raising huge sums of money for cardiac operations and lives have been saved. Volunteering to serve people is a most enjoyable experience for me. At the moment I am a full time volunteer in my Archdiocese as head of the Archdiocesan radio station. My passion and life purpose is to help, encourage, motivate and inspire people to achieve their fondest dreams in life. Although I am a senior citizen now, I am still as strong as steel. My heartfelt desire is to serve even more people now that I have all the time in the world in my hands. After much reflection and prayer I have decided that the best way to serve as many people as I can is to create this blog and offer to my readers like you those secrets that will make them achieve their dreams. If you offer me the chance I will do all the research that I can to help you become the person that God created you to be. I will try to motivate and pump you up every day with inspiring messages to keep your spirits high while you go about your activities. If you are permanently on high spirits you will be surprised by what you will achieve in your life time. I have the time to read all the best books and the best posts on the net (and there is a wealth of wisdom there) and to summarize and package all the knowledge I will get and put at your disposal. As time goes on, I will interview some of the great figures of our times to unveil the secrets of their greatness to you. I will post them to your email or place them on my blog for you to read whenever you like. This is the way I think I will be of help to you. As I said, nobody succeeds alone. If you are where you are today, it is thanks to many people known and unknown who have helped you on. You must continue to get people to help you; to do things for you to enable you realize your full potential in this world. Do not go alone. It will be difficult for you if you try to go alone. Fill the form which you find here so that I can send you the best inspirational material in a form that will be easy for you to read and enjoy. I hope you will appreciate this modest contribution of mine to enable you realize your dreams in life. Expect to read from me at least once a week. Some weeks you will get more. That will be when I have really important things for you to read.

Never forget that we succeed more in life when we help others succeed. By helping you succeed I get some joy which makes me happy. Therefore by allowing me to help you succeed you are helping me to be happy. Please, kindly share this post with your friends and give them a chance to also drink from the spring of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration that from today will flow endlessly from here. You lose absolutely nothing when they also get what you are getting. Instead, you will get blessings when you help others succeed. Thanks for being my friend on the net. May God grant you lots of blessings! See you soon for another dose of wisdom and inspiration.
I am your blog friend,

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