If success is not luck what is it?

Dear Friend, can you guess the joy in my heart as I write this to you? It is wonderful how the written word can link people separated by thousands of kilometers as it is the case with you and me!
Thank you for your friendship despite the distance. I must assure you that I have worked very hard for it and I am satisfied with the results – you are here and I believe we are friends. Thank God that we are now linked together! My prayer is that this friendship may be cemented to last for long if not forever. What do you think? Good friendship can make the world better.
Have you realized that many people do not know the value of friendship? They don’t; and so do not do enough to preserve it. I wish to assure you that I value friendship and our friendship; and will leave no stone unturned to protect it to keep it going for our mutual good. I hope you will do same. Will you? Please, don’t disappoint me. Friends should not disappoint friends. What you need for our friendship to grow and last is to fan its flame and keep it alight. This is simple to do. It takes just for you to like what I write and let me write what you like. For me, I will spend long hours to make sure that I do my part.
I want to tell you something very important. If you forget everything that I tell you, please, do not forget what I will tell you now. I am aware that you cannot be happy if you are not getting what you want from life. Like every normal person you want to shine; to make the most of your potential. I want to tell you that this is a legitimate ambition; and you can do it. You can make things happen for you and I and the world. I say this with all the conviction that I have. Something in me tells me that you belong to the category of people who will shine in this world if you are not already shining. If you are at the bottom of the ladder at the moment, I see nothing stopping you from going higher up the ladder. If you are already very high up, I see nothing stopping you from going even higher. This is what I want to tell you today.
What makes me say this? I say this because of the simple fact that you are reading this. Not everybody will read what you are reading. Only a few special ones like you will read this because you are smart enough to see its value. Your reading this is a reflection of your desire to bring out the best in you. With this desire, nothing and no one can stop you. I hope you get the point.
Another reason I say this with conviction is you are very important to God. You must know that. If you are not aware of this, let me tell you that you are. You are made in the image and likeness of God. Look at that! If you are made in the image and likeness of God then you are very important to God; and deserve nothing but the best.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been selling yourself short because you did not know this. Now that you know it, you don’t have to do that again. You are worth more than you can imagine. You ought to get more out of life than you are getting now. You have the potential to get to where you want to go. You can become the person you want to be. You can rise from where you are at the moment to where you want to be tomorrow. Please, put this in your mind once and for all. I will say this repeatedly because I would like that you appropriate it. Even if you have risen to the highest post in your country, there is still room to go higher. There are still many empty pages of history books that you need to write.
I know you will be elated by this because it sounds beautiful to hear. Of course, it is not just a question of sounding; it is actually what it is. Many people would like to hear it said to them. It raises spirits and enthusiasm; makes one pumped up and ready to go out to conquer the world.
However, there is need for caution otherwise you may end up being more frustrated than you ever have been. I want to let you know that it is not as easy as it may sound. I do not want you to think that it is easy because it is not. Many people who are at the bottom of the ladder today will remain there all their lives. Many will die at that level. Some will get to the first rung of the ladder; but that will be all that they will do. There are people in this world who have tried and tried but their efforts have stubbornly refused to yield them the desired fruits. Thus, they have resigned to what they believe is their destiny in life. They believe their place is at the bottom; and that there is nothing they or anyone else can do about it. How sad to think like this!
That is definitely not where you belong. If you are reading this I can bet you your place is at the top. It all depends on you to find your way to it. I strongly urge you to stay with us until you get there. We will make sure that you get there. That is our mission. That is our call. We are called to take people from where they are to where they ought to be. There is enough in Your Success Inspirer to keep you going until you land on top.
That demands hard work and commitment on your part. Success comes with hard work. It does not come on a platter of gold. In fact, it does not come to you; you have to go for it. If you want to wait until it comes to you, you may wait until the cows come home. Go for your success; and the best time is now. The first step is to decide how much time you will spend working for it. The more time you spend the better. Spend enough time first of all studying the secrets of success; the strategies that the great ones have used to get to where they are. When you know them, use them to pave your own way to where you want to be. This is how to make yourself great. It’s not magic. It’s not luck. It’s not complicated either. It’s a question of following a simple formula. The formula is simple; but you must be determined; committed and hardworking to find it.
However, do not worry if you do not easily find it. Your Success Inspirer is there to help you out with that. We will give you all that you need. The only thing that will be left for you to do will be to come here and spend time and to get it. Daily visits are recommended and encouraged. The more you do that the better it will be; and be assured that a broad smile will be there to welcome you each time you come. Take advantage of this offer now because it will not be free for ever.

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