The kinds of people I write for.

The kinds of people I wrote for.
Hello! do you possess the qualities I have listed in this post? If you do, then I write for you. If you are not a strong person then my writings are not for you. I write for strong people. I do not write for weak people.I write for serious people; people who are ready and have both the patience and the wisdom to take time and read what can make a big difference in their lives. I do not write for idle people who spend long hours only socializing not ready to read useful stuff. I write for people like you who will take time and read all this because you know what it means. You know the time that has been taken to reflect and write this and know that justice demands that it be read. I write for people who know that what is worth writing is worth reading. I do not write for people who prefer to spend long hours on empty socializing stuff. I do not doubt that there is a strong need to socialize and build friendships; but I feel saddened by the amount of time young people and even some older persons push down the drain through long hours on socializing alone on the net and are not ready to spend some time to read anything serious when there is so much to read and grow. I believe they have not understood that time is money; that we are the product of what we spend our time doing.Show me how someone spends his time and I will show you what the person is. If you fall within the category of people for whom I write then you can go ahead and read.

Today, I would like to go back to something I have already talked about so as to look deeper at it. It has to do with saying that one can come from behind and get to the top. Have you ever heard the statement that the young must grow? I see another meaning in it which I like us to look at.

Let me start by knowing from you how you feel when what you are doing is not going well. Do you easily feel discouraged? Do you usually lose heart about life when things are not moving for you as you like? I am here to tell you that there is no reason to be discouraged. There is good news for you which I want to give you right away. You may be looking at your future as being behind you; but that may not be true unless you make it so. There are a few things which are important to understand about life and you will see that a new life could start for you today if not right now. You will see that you can get to where you want to go very easily. I wrote three of my best books while already a Senior Citizen. That is not all. More books are in the pipeline. I have never been more productive; and my spirits have never been higher. I write and broadcast a highly appreciated article everyday on radio except for week ends. I run a number of blogs and my online influence is growing daily by leaps and bounds. I have learned to turn my stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. More people are for me today than they have ever been. My people love and support me. They make enormous sacrifices to take my work forward and enable me to break new grounds.

If I am certain about one thing it is that the gate to where I want to go in life is wide open for me and no one can stop me from walking the path i have chosen. The way is wide open for millions of people to support me. All that I need to do is to ask them the right way; and that is what I am set to do. Hence, I am on an unstoppable journey to the realization of my life dream.

In a recent post I said one could come from behind and get to the top. I don’t remember what you said about that if you have. If you could just remind me. We have to share ideas to grow. If you have not yet read that article and reacted, please do so. It’s simple. Go to it now; read it and drop your comment in the comment box. While waiting for what you think about that, I would like to reiterate the point. If I stress this point, it is because many of us give up too soon under the pretext of age or having burnt our candles.I know a lot of old guys who are not sleeping and who are doing marvels where they are. One of my teachers in college is getting to 90 but she is still leaving her country to travel thousands of kilometers to serve humanity. Who knows what awaits her? I believe her greatest work is still to come.

There are many people who will come from behind and make it with flying colors. By the way, do you know that among our kids today there are many who will shoot up to the top just tomorrow, when their parents will still be wearing their lives away right where they were when these children were born? I have lived in the same town for 25 years and many children born under my watchful eyes are flying high in the sky and living well.

I do remember many young people who passed through my hands when they were students on internship when I worked for state radio. They were real kids then, but many of them are soaring like eagles in the sky today. That’s life. We say, of course, that the young must grow. Many young will come from behind and get to the top.

I see many people in high positions treating the young ones shabbily when these young ones just come out of school and are still groping in the dark. What the older people should know from experience is that it wouldn’t be long before the young people catch up and are waxing strong; calling the shots. It is an unchangeable fact that the young will grow. There is no way to stop them. You may stop one, two or three young people if you can (but what is the use?), but you cannot stop all. The young must grow and wisdom demands that we not only give them a chance to grow, but we assist them to do so and soar to where their eyes can take them.

Here, of course, I also have a word for the young. The young people who want to succeed their fathers ahead of time, when the old men are still alive need to revise their notes. Some of them think they have all the time or will remain babies for ever. So they wait for others especially their parents to do everything for them. They take no initiative. They fold their arms and wait. What a pity, indeed! This is a straight way to waste their opportunities because it is a sign of having not grown up. Before their eyes open, other young ones shall come from behind and shoot ahead of them. Of course, When this happens they will grumble and complain about how life has not treated them well.

It’s important to bear in mind once and for all that time waits for no one. If you want to make it in life, make the most of every minute that you have. It does not mean that you must always be at work. All work, we know, without play, makes Jack a dull boy; but you must work as hard as you can, making sure that you work intelligently too.

It’s never too late to make it to our dream land. If, on retirement you have not begun to write that book, begin today. Time waits for no one. When I hear the words ‘The young will grow,’ I read in them more meaning that is common to read. There are people who are young on the ladder of success. They are babies because they are still far down the bottom. They will grow. Some of them will get to the topmost rung in no distant time.

Whatever you are doing, no matter where you are on the ladder of success, bear in mind that millions of people on the same platform and level like you will get to prominence not long from today. Why can you not as well? I think you can. What do you think. The comment box is waiting for the world to hear what you think.

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