In this world, there are people who like to see others succeed and people who like to see others fail. Experience has taught me that people who like to read the type of things that I write are people who like to see others succeed. I write things that encourage, inspire, motivate and help people succeed. Those who like to read such stuff have kind hearts and like to see others succeed. They even go on to help others succeed. If you have read up to this point, my bet is you are such a person. You like to see others succeed. I congratulate you. By virtue of that alone I take you to be a great mind and encourage you to continue. I know you would like to get more of what is here because you would like to see how you can use it to help others. That is laudable and shows how selfless you are. You do not think of yourself alone. You think of others. The world needs people like you to become an excellent place for all to enjoy. Helping and encouraging people to succeed is an indication of a magnanimous heart.

You are on the right track.

Jesus Christ had that heart.He spent all his life helping people to be better people; to succeed; to be happy; to be comfortable; to overcome their difficulties. You who help people succeed are emulating his example. That is a sign of greatness. Those who emulate the example of Jesus Christ are great people.

There is something remarkable about people like you. Whether you like it or not, your good work is always abundantly rewarded. Each time you help another person succeed, God rewards you in a very special way that you may see or not see; but it is real.

Today I am inviting you to join me to do something special to help some people succeed. It will not cost you anything. All it will take will be yr goodwill and a little time. Yet the help will be enormous. Many of our brothers and sisters who are struggling to succeed are finding it difficult to do so. I want us to make an inventory of the causes of failure to help them. There is a reason I want us to take it from this angle although it may look like focusing on the negative instead of on the positive. If you know me you definitely know that started championing the cause of positive thinking in 1981 with my radio program ‘Success Hour’. I am not sure anyone can challenge my claim to the title of ‘Father of Positive Thinking in Cameroon’. I have championed this cause for thirty-three years. Why I want us to bring out the causes of failure instead of the secrets of success is I have found that we have not understood failure enough to stay clear of it. We want success so badly that in its pursuit we open our doors to failure without knowing it; and then it rushes in and takes hold of us. Don’t you see that if you and I make an inventory of all the causes of failure or all the things that make people fail and put them at the disposal of our beloved readers they will watch out stay clear of them and keep failure off their shoulders.I believe so.

Are you ready for the exercise? Then let us go. I will start and in order to let everyone participate, I shall give just one cause to set the ball rolling. There is no limit to the number of causes that you can give. It will not hurt to come out with one thousand causes of failure.I do not want to monopolize the discussion.

One great cause of failure is the lack of knowledge of what makes people succeed. We go for success haphazardly without the know-how. Of course, you cannot bake bread without knowing how to do it. Now the ball is over to you. What to you are some of the causes of failure in life that our people should watch out for?

Go to the comment box. Please, let us offer our friends the opportunity to participate in this exercise. Share this to them.

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